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August 2018 Newsletter


Great fun to see everyone at the Club dinner at Oikos, earlier this month.  Thanks so much for arranging this Persephone, and rotten luck that the date clashed with your out-of-town event. 

Because I’m a bit of science geek, I plugged some equations from Wikipedia into a script, and came up with the following graph for sunshine hours in Wellington.

Things are changing quickly at the moment: brighter mornings, but still cool and not very windy (yes I am serious about that).  Excellent conditions for being active outside.  I’d like to suggest (not quite so seriously) that the apex, the best running day of the year will be on 28th October.  That is the date of the Andy McNeill Memorial Event based at George Denton Park.  See more about that here

The graph also has a label about a bus trip in September.  If you want to know where and when the bus is going, then read about it here

From the Committee

We would like to thank everyone who responded to the survey about starting hours.  That survey is now closed and we are going through the responses.  We will provide a summary next month.

Next year is the 40th anniversary of the formation of the Clinic.  If you’d like to get involved in planning celebrations, please get in touch with a committee member. 

Another project, being lead by Lynda Young, involves sorting and organising old WMC records, photos and memorabilia and then handing those documents to the Wellington City archives.

Bio-mechanics with Stan

Bless you Stan, something about Plantars, a running injury that I’m currently suffering from.  Join me in reading Stan’s impressive article

Training with Judith

A couple of items from the excellent Judith Dennis


This month’s profile is on one of the new committee members, Nazir Awans . Can you guess what his pet peeve is?

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