February 2018 Newsletter


This summer has been amazing but … am I allowed a small winge … maybe a bit too warm for vigorous exercise?  So it helps a lot to read about inspiring people like Aubrey Rota and Angelia Beamsley.  If you’re desperate, you can find out how I went Round-the-Bays, though I think there are better stories, for example someone might have done the event as a training run and got a PB.

Our gurus, Stan and Judith, have some excellent information and advice on bio mechanics and training respectively. 

Lots of interesting stuff, read on…

Notes and Notices – the Committee


  • Pencil in 18th March for another run and BBQ at Otari-Wilton Bush.  The ASB will not be available for WMC on that Day
  • Pack leaders will be meeting on 1 March
  • membership renewals – note that the discount runs to 28 February

Some of the other issues discussed at the Feb meeting

  • Setting up a faster running pack
  • Considering a later start during the winter months.  What are your views on starting at 8:30 instead of 8:00 during the months May, June, July and August?
  • Training blogs for the website
  • Goals for 2018 will be discussed at our March meeting – all WMC members are encouraged to send their ideas to us via the contact form

Member Profile – Angelia Beamsley

WMC was lucky enough to have coffee with Angelia Beamsley, read about it …

My Favourite Run – by Aubrey

I joined the RNZAF in 1988 weighing about 70kg… read the full story

Is that Aubrey?

Bio mechanics –  with Stan

Stan explains:

Training – with Judith

After the 2017 Masters Games in Auckland, nothing was going to stop Judith from going to the 2018 version.  Find out how she went …

Judith continues being amazing by sharing her full marathon training plan for the Gold Coast marathon on 1 July.  Anyone planning to do the Wellington Marathon should read this carefully, and yes, the dates of both events are the same.

Judith also says:

‘I’m running a Women’s Outdoor Exercise Group on Wednesday evenings from 6pm at Kilbirnie Park (southern end). While I’m aiming to reach women who aren’t usually in the habit of exercise, you’re welcome to attend. After a warm-up, we usually do a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout, then some strength exercises, and conclude with stretching. You can find me on Facebook!’

If you feel like a rest now (I do), then here is a story about the concept of an off-season.  something runners really don’t think about too much.  Let Judith know what you think of that.


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