Wim Van Dijk
November 2018 notes from President

The end of the year is drawing closer, witnessed by the advent of black Friday (seemingly with neither a Friday or a 13th in evidence), Santa parades disrupting traffic, Christmas Carols now heard in shops, and of course arguments over who can play the role of Father Christmas.

At this time of year the Committee turns its mind to the Annual General Meeting and the democratic process that is our inspection of our accounts and the election of committee officers. We are well down the track for the planning of our usual AGM programme, and Iook forward to seeing you all there.

This year we are looking for a new Treasurer after our incumbent, David McCrone, retired on medical grounds. The role has been filled by myself, a less than desirable situation that may see me eventually turn to twitter. Please do not hesitate to put yourself forward if you would like to assist the committee.

Part of the AGM has always been trophy presentations. this year we are intending to rationalise the trophies presented, with the merit trophies for fastest marathon and half marathon male and female, as well as our usual special recognition trophies. Please nominate your race and time to me (via the info@wmc.org.nz address) and I will collect and organise trophies.

This month just gone we held the Andy McNeil Memorial run based out of George Denton Park, and barring a few glitches, the event ran well, was well patronised by a good cross section of runners and walkers and received good feedback. A huge thanks to Wim, who conceived and led the organisation, and to the committee and clinic members who assisted in the running of the event.

As we move into next year we will be in the 40th year of the Wellington Marathon Clinic – a theme that we intend to celebrate over the course of the year, starting with a morning tea on January 27th. Lynda will also be running her archiving project, and some of the archive material will be available for inspection at the morning tea. Further events are planned as the year progresses.

As I sit typing this the weather outside is, once again, appalling and forecast to remain so for the rest of the week. With summer literally just around the corner I am looking forward to more settled weather and better opportunities for training, or just enjoying the outdoors. All I need now is the time to get out there.

I’ll see you all at the AGM.

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