August 2019

Minutes of Management Committee meeting 
Held at the ASB Stadium, Kilbirnie 
7.00 pm, 19 August 2019 

Mike Candy, Judith Dennis, Persephone Georgiakakis, Lynda Young (minutes)

Nazir Awan


Moved that the minutes of the 15 July meeting are accepted as a true and accurate record. Moved Mike/Judith, carried. 


  • The financial report 11 July to 15 August was discussed. 
    Moved: That the financial report 11 July to 15 August is accepted, the payments are approved and the bank balances are verified. 
    Moved Lynda/Mike, carried. 
  • Judith will ask Meghan about sub renewals and the membership records. 

Calendar; Events

  • AGM confirmed for 15 December; Lynda will check with the Indian Centre for a meeting room, 10 am to noon; morning tea at 10.30am, meeting at 11am 
  • A November Skyline bus trip is noted, Nazir will book it next month. 
  • It was agreed to arrange a 15 seater bus (or bigger) for those doing the Rimutaka Incline event in November (Nazir, please do the booking). 
  • Lynda will ask Wim to liaise with Hutt Valley Runners to have shared events each year. 
  • Lynda will book the ASB 2020 rooms, Sundays from 19 January, Committee from 20 January (monthly on 3rd Monday). 
  • Judith will research what’s involved in having a children’s pack. 

Special events sub-Committee

  • Dinner at The Pines was very successful, thanks to the organisers especially Persephone. 
  • Times Cinema is arranged for 14 September. 
  • Andy McNeill memorial event on 20 October; one portaloo is needed; it was agreed to pay students say $25 to be marshalls so that more WMC members can participate; Mike will arrange to borrow gear; Persephone will organise spot prizes; Lynda will ask Shoe Clinic for prizes (Persephone to collect); Mike will contact M Jacques for prizes; thanks to Judith for donated prizes; Persephone will ask members for grocery items; 2 WMC membership subs for 2020 to be included. 
  • Moved: That up to $1,000 is approved for the Andy McNeill 2019 expenses. 
  • Moved Lynda/Judith, carried. 

Admin, website

  • Thanks to Persephone for doing the August newsletter. 
  • Mike will speak to Wim and Stan about the proposed IT update;  consider paying a member or a provider for this work. 
  • Mike will speak to Meghan about occasional backup. 
  • It was agreed to continue committee meetings at ASB in 2020. 


  • Process for any name change was discussed; Mike will publicise this discussion in the August newsletter and arrange a short survey of members for later in August. 
  • Results will be brought to the September meeting, members notified about the results and the issue voted on at the AGM. 
  • Life membership was discussed, to be continued in coming meetings 

The meeting closed at 8.45 pm, with thanks for participation. 

Next meeting: Monday 23 September, 7 pm, ASB. 

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