February 2019

Minutes of Management Committee meeting
Held at the ASB Stadium, Kilbirnie
At 7.00 pm, 18 February 2019

Present Mike Candy (Chair), Judith Dennis, Lynda Young (minutes), Nazir Awan, Persephone Georgiakakis.

Apologies Edward Phillips.


  • Charities Services, annual return due by 31 March; Judith will do the filing.
  • Mike replied to Rob Julian.
  • Stan requested a room at ASB for Fem’s monthly sessions, approved in principle, Mike will contact Stan.
  • PO box to be retained as we need an address to be an incorporated society.


Moved: To accept the minutes of the 22 January meeting as a true and accurate record. Persephone/Nazir, carried.

Matters from the January minutes, not elsewhere on the agenda

  • Rebrand suggestion discussed, to be on March agenda.
  • Lynda will look at the Sunday assistant’s JD to see if it’s up to date, discuss role with Meghan.
  • Dropbox filing to be checked/updated by everyone.
  • Edward and Judith will check with Stan on IT matters.
  • Mike will get Judith’s bank authorisation completed.
  • Mike will check and update who has access to online banking.
  • Judith will contact Wim for the membership spreadsheet.
  • Mike will follow up on trophies from AGM, engraving.


  • The financial reports were reviewed and discussed, thanks Mike.

Moved: That the amended (coding matters) financial report 22 January to 17 February is accepted, the payments are approved and the bank balances are verified. Lynda/Nazir, carried.

  • A draft budget, October 2018 to September 2019, was discussed.

Moved: To accept the tabled budget, with a line for archiving costs ($500). Lynda/Nazir, carried.

  • 20 subs have been paid to date; Judith will do a reminder approx 24 February.

Calendar events

  • A BBQ at Otari will be on 3 March; Mike will organise the food, Lynda will cancel ASB.
  • Edward will make up a generic check list for bus trips.
  • Bus trip dates ok’d; Nazir will ask Edward to get the calendar on the website.
  • Persephone will research the number of WMC members doing the Rotorua Marathon (4 May) and a drinks venue for them.
  • Mike will alert committee when he will not be at ASB on Sundays, to enable a decision ahead of time on who will lead the meeting.

Admin, website

  • Edward will sort out past members getting the monthly newsletters with Stan/Wim.
  • Judith will do the February newsletter, thanks.
  • Mike will write about the 40th anniversary year for the February newsletter, seeking volunteers to work on a programme; noted that Ann Stewart has volunteered to help.
  • Committee JDs are in Dropbox, everyone to review, for March agenda.

Special events Subcommittee

  • Thanks to Wim, Judith and Persephone for staying on the sub-committee; Lynda can help with research on costs, venues, etc for 40th events.
  • Further events for 40th anniversary year need members to volunteer and bring ideas to this group.
  • It will set up the Andy McNeill event.
  • Mike will research WMC history re ideas for speakers/events this year.

General Business

  • Persephone will suggest alternative exercise options for Sunday mornings.
  • Goals for 2019 discussed, for March agenda.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm with thanks for participation.

Next meeting : Monday 18 March, 7pm, ASB

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