January 2019

Minutes of Management Committee meeting
ASB Stadium, Kilbirnie, 7.00 pm, 22 January 2019

Present Mike Candy (Chair), Edward Phillips, Judith Dennis, Lynda Young (minutes), Nazir Awan, Persephone Georgiakakis.

Apologies — no apologies


NZ Post, mailbox charges, Lynda will check if we need it at all.
Mike will reply to Rob Julian’s query on extent of 40th anniversary event/s.


Moved: To accept the minutes of the 19 November 2018 meeting as a true and accurate record. Mike/Judith, carried.

Matters from the November minutes, not elsewhere on the agenda

  • Donations guidelines passed at AGM, Mike to get it on to the website, mention in newsletter.
  • Rebrand suggestion to be on February agenda.
  • ASB booked for the year, weekly Sundays and monthly Mondays.


The financial reports were reviewed and discussed, thanks Mike.
Moved: That the financial report 19 November 2018 to 21 January 2019 is accepted, the payments are approved and the bank balances are verified. Lynda/Nazir, carried.

  • A draft budget, October 2018 to September 2019, was discussed, Mike will edit it and bring to the February meeting; there was agreement in working to a deficit budget (newsletter, Sunday meetings).
  • Moved: That Judith Dennis, Treasurer, is authorised to be a bank signatory with access to all accounts. Lynda/Persephone, carried.
  • Judith will include a subs reminder in the newsletter and do an email approx. 20 February.

Calendar events

  • Special morning tea for 27 January to mark the beginning of the 40th anniversary year: Persephone has the catering sorted; Mike will MC it, ask foundation members to speak and then to cut the cake
  • Lynda will cancel ASB.
  • Nazir will research buses for suggested trips, update the calendar and get it on the website.
  • Edward will make up a generic check list for bus trips.
  • Persephone will research a drinks/meal venue for WMC members doing the Rotorua Marathon (4 May).
  • Mike will follow up on trophies from AGM, engraving.
  • It was agreed that our Sunday meetings need some extra energy and should be sharper given that we now finish at 11am; Mike will alert committee when he will not be at ASB on Sundays, to enable a decision ahead of time on who will lead the meeting.

Admin, website

  • It was decided to send the 2019 newsletters to all past members, with an unsubscribe option; Edward will sort this out with Stan/Wim.
  • Judith will do the January newsletter, thanks.
  • Mike will write about the 40th anniversary year for the January newsletter, seeking volunteers to work on a programme.
  • Mike will ask Meghan to alert Persephone when grocery items are running low; amend the Sunday assistant’s JD.
  • Dropbox filing needs a tidy up and a system for accounts filing; Mike, Judith, Nazir, Persephone will check on their 2018 filing, adapt as needed for 2019.

Special events sub-Committee

  • Further events for 40th anniversary year need members to volunteer and bring ideas to this group.
  • It will set up the Andy McNeill event.
  • Thanks to Wim, Judith and Persephone for staying on the sub-committee.

General Business

  • Edward will work with Stan (and Wim?) to oversee IT and comms, big thank you!
  • More big thanks, to Persephone for agreeing to be Vice president.

  • Sorting of archival material has been done by Lynda, Peter Firth, Jane O’Connell and Judith Llewellyn. Some of the material has been kept out for display on 27 January, and once this is returned and filed, all the material will be delivered to the WCC archives and will become the property of the WCC. The T-shirt collection will be held back for use this year.
  • In the January newsletter, Mike will acknowledge the effort of the archive team and Gordie for his provision of dry storage for many years. A donation will be made to Kilbirnie School for the use of its hall for two days. Lunch expenses will be reimbursed. 
  • Moved: That the WMC archive material be donated to WCC Archives for safe storage on the condition that anyone requesting access to membership records must have the written permission of the WMC Committee of the day. Lynda/Mike, carried.

The meeting closed at 8.40 pm, with thanks for participation.
Next meeting: Monday 18 February, 7 pm, ASB.

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