July 2019

Minutes of Management Committee meeting 
Held at the ASB Stadium, Kilbirnie 
7.00 pm, 15 July 2019 

Mike Candy, Judith Dennis, Nazir Swan, Lynda Young (minutes)

Persephone Georgiakakis 

no correspondence

Moved that the minutes of the 19 June meeting are accepted as a true and accurate record. Moved Mike/Nazir, carried. 


  • The financial report 14 June to 10 July was discussed; amendments to the forecast were noted. 
    Moved: That the financial report 14 June to 10 July is accepted, the payments are approved and the bank balances are verified. 
    Moved Lynda/Nazir, carried. 
  • Lynda will email Sally Anderson (BNZ online account administrator) to establish who has online access to the bank accounts. 
  • Judith has got her BNZ access sorted. 
  • Bank access was discussed and updates agreed on. 
    Moved: That we request the BNZ to remove David McCrone, Tony Oakshatt and Jillian Preston as Wellington Marathon Clinic BNZ account owners, on receipt of our documented request. 
    Moved Mike, Lynda, carried. 
    Moved: That we request the BNZ to add Judith Dennis and Lynda Young as Wellington Marathon Clinic BNZ account owners, on receipt of our documented request. 
    Lynda will take the papers to the BNZ. 
  • Judith will ask Meghan about sub renewals and the membership records. 

Calendar / Events

  • Mike will get the 18 August bus for Belmont Regional Park on the website. 
  • AGM confirmed for 15 December; Lynda will ask ASB for longer hours. 

 Special events sub-Committee 

  • Dinner with speakers arranged for 10 August at The Pines; Mike to speak to Wim about some presidential input. 
  • Times Cinema on 14 September. 
  • Andy McNeill memorial event on 20 October. 
  • Thanks to everyone on the 40th sub-committee. 

Admin, Website

  • Lynda will email Persephone about the July newsletter; noted that Persephone has done a terrific job with the recent newsletters, many thanks. 
  • Mike will speak to Wim about the proposed IT update; consider paying a member or a provider for this work. 
  • Mike will speak to Meghan about occasional backup. 


  • Process for any name change was discussed; it was agreed that  WMCs legal name should be retain
    • A “trading name” might be added to better reflect the predominantly social/less competitive nature of most of our activities 
    • Members would be canvassed in August for opinions on either no additional name or to nominate a preferred trading name 
    • Mike will publicise this discussion in the July newsletter and then members will be surveyed in August 
    • Results will be brought to the September meeting, members notified about the results and the issue voted on at the AGM. 
  • Nazir will be away from 19 July to 19 September; Lynda will be away 1 September to 24 October – please alert others if you can’t make a meeting as four are required for a quorum. 
  • Mike will scan some old photos, send copies to Judith (40th events) and Edward. 

The meeting closed at 8.30 pm, with thanks for participation.

Next meeting: Monday 19 August, 7 pm, ASB. 

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