May 2019

Minutes of Management Committee meeting
Held at the ASB Stadium, Kilbirnie
7.00 pm, 20 May 2019

Present: Linda Young (minutes), Nazir Awan, Persephone Georgiakakis. There was not a quorum so no decisions could be made.
Wim van Dijk attended to discuss WMC IT set-up.
Apologies: Judith

Email from Stan about IT queries

15 April Minutes noted as accurate

Matters from the March meeting not elsewhere on the agenda

  • Trophies are engraved and in the cupboard. It was decided to present them on 9 June. Lynda will ask Meghan to contact the recipients.
  • Dropbox filing has been tidied up, needs regular upkeep.


  • The updated financial reports (19 Feb to 16 March, and 17 March to 13 April) and the 14 April to 13 May report were not discussed; most recent bank statements are not in Dropbox.
  • No report on who has online access to the bank accounts (Mike).
  • No report on unpaid subs or results from requests for renewals (Judith).
  • Nazir will look into a disputed 2018 NCS invoice payment.

Calendar / Events

  • Nazir has updated the bus trip set-up/instructions, thanks.
  • Battle Hill trip was really good, 31 people on the bus; it was agreed that we should always provide buses that have seat belts fitted.
  • The WMC members’ event at Rotorua was successful and appreciated.
  • Persephone will email Stan about updating the calendar.
  • Wim has noted to invite the Hutt Valley Runners to join us at Belmont Regional Park on 18 August; Nazir will book the bus.

Special events sub-Committee

  • Dinner with a speaker arranged for 10 August at The Pines. A decision Is needed to approve payments, to be voted on by email:
  • That up to $800 is approved for speakers’ fees (Melissa Moon and David Parker) and their expenses for the 10 August dinner.
  • Other local running clubs and WMC past members will be invited, (see below).
  • The ‘Band together’ type of fun event planned for 12 May did not go ahead.
  • Gordy has booked the Times Cinema for a movie night on 14 September; venue hire is $350; members pay $25/head for meal; WMC can bring additional food and goodie bags; Lynda will contact TC to discuss catering options.
  • Andy McNeill memorial event will be held on 20 October.
  • Next events meeting is on 27 May, thanks for your work.

Admin, website

  • Persephone will do the June newsletter, great feedback was received on the May newsletter, thanks Persephone.
  • Revised Committee and Secretary JDs are in Dropbox, discussion
  • IT update: Thanks to Wim for his paper and guidance on the website.
    His recommendations are for the following work be carried out during the coming month:
  • update and audit the plug-ins
  • review and update who has access to various functions relating to
    the website
  • check that all committee members receive the WMC gmail

Work that also needs doing and by August is ideal

  • Look at refresh or better still a replacement of the website, as a paid contracted/honorarium job.
  • After discussion it was decided to invite the past members to 40th dinner but not to send them the newsletters as a routine matter; to include a “welcome back” message and the opportunity to get the newsletters by request; Wim or Stan can send out this email.
  • Judith was asked to contact non-renewing members from last year, encouraging renewals and emphasising a welcome back message (see above, Finance).
  • Thanks to Wim for his support and really helpful guidance.


  • Nazir circulate a paper with suggestions for a process for discussion on any name change.
  • To note: Judith will be away for most of May; Nazir will be away from mid-July to the end of September; Lynda will be away September and October.

The meeting closed at 9.00 pm, with thanks for participation.

Next meeting: Monday 17 June, 7 pm, ASB.

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