Dec 2019 Newsletter

The outgoing Committee thanks you for attending the AGM last Sunday. The turkey trot was a lot of fun, well done to those who estimated their times so accurately. Many thanks to Mo Bhika for organising the Indian Cultural Centre and to Lynda Young for organising the amazing morning tea.

The new Committee voted in are Wim van Dijk, who agreed to be President, Bice Awan, Sean Bardsley, Bruce Campbell, Gordon Clarke, Mikey Clarke, Judith Dennis, Persephone Georgiakakis and Liz Morrison.

Congratulations to 2019 Cup Recipients

Walkers Cup – Penny Dravitski
Harry McDonald Cup – Wim van Dijk
Jean Kersel Cup – Angelia Beamsley
Cornish Cup – Bice Awan

Half Marathon Woman – Susan Clare
Half Marathon Man – Nigel Raymond
Marathon Woman – Persephone Georgiakakis
Marathon Man – Wim van Dijk

Subscriptions 2020 (19 January to 13 December)
As mentioned at the AGM, subs for 2020 are $30 for everyone. $20 if paid by 28 February.
You can pay by cash or cheque at a Sunday morning meeting, or online by direct credit to 02-0534-0095446-00.

ASB Room

We are very pleased to announce that next year we have secured the room at the ASB until 11:30am with the exception of the first Sunday back (19 January) when we will finish at 11am.
From Sunday 26 January the room will be available from 7:45am to 11:30am.

Coming up…

Wednesday 8 January – Fem’s Session
Sunday 19 January – First day back for 2020, 7:45am – 11am
Sunday 26 January – Clinic’s new hours 7:45am – 11:30am

Looking ahead…

Wednesday 5 February – Fem’s Session
Sunday 16 February – Round the Bays

Fem’s Corrective Sessions

Fem’s next session is on Wednesday 8 January, 5:30pm
Please note from February it will return to the first Wednesday of the month.
Corrective Sessions are free to WMC members, and are held at Fem’s studio at 85 Victoria Street, Level 1 in Wellington City, above the Lido Cafe. Contact Fem directly if you wish to join. Numbers in sessions are limited.

Article provided by Annie McCabe

The inaugural Rotorua Running Festival at the end of November was probably the running highlight of my year and one I would definitely recommend.
Myself and Angelia took on the 50k ultra marathon while Ann tackled the 21k. These are some of Rotorua’s best trails and a completely different experience to the famous Rotorua Marathon some of us were lucky enough to experience earlier this year.
Almost entirely off road, the 50k winds through native bush and pine forest, alongside Green and Blue Lakes (yes, that’s their actual names) before and rising up rolling hills which peak at around 32k then descends back to the Redwoods forest before completing along geothermal springs and sulphurs flats. Absolutely stunning.
Rotorua turned on a fabulous day for us, no wind and a sunny 27 degrees. The race was well organised with great support from the race marshals and many happy, if tired, runners at the end of the day, including us.

Three weeks later Angelia and myself have completed our own version of the famous Rotorua Survivors Club, but finishing our 4th consecutive Whanganui 3 Bridges Marathon (and our 4th Marathon together in 2019, if you include the 50k)…I think we are beginning to look alike!

The Mind-Muscle Connection

By Judith Dennis
We know the brain controls the muscles and joints. The mind-muscle connection is an ability to focus on engaging an individual muscle. We might have the strength to do a push-up, for example – but how many of us can contract our pectoral muscles individually? This indicates a lack of mind-muscle connection. In my case, I can run for an hour, no problem, but I really struggle to lift my big toe off the ground while keeping the other toes on the ground! (I’m practising!)

One advantage of strengthening this connection is that we’ll be less likely to get injured.
When we don’t have that connection, we lack body awareness or proprioception: the more aware we are of our body and how to move it, the less likely we are to get injured.

Another advantage is that strong mind-muscle connection enables us to get more out of our workouts. It’s important to make sure the right muscles are firing to get the best out of our workouts. For runners, this means using our glutes to power our run – otherwise we overwork back muscles. The glutes are tremendously powerful, but we tend to under-use them.

Some tips for enhancing this important connection:
* Clear your head before you workout or run/walk – forget the to-do list and focus!
* Warm up properly
* Visualise the muscles you are using.

Adapted from Everything you need to know about the mind-muscle connection,

Remembering Peter Snell

Peter Snell

By David McCrone

Peter Snell passed away this week aged 80, while taking a nap at his home in Dallas.

Many memories of our great New Zealander, Peter Snell:

Sitting around a valve radio in 1960 at home with my parents and sisters listening to his sensational gold medal 800m run in the Rome Olympics, and learning that Peter was born in my home town, Opunake, and his parents and mine were friends;

Watching him set a world mile record on grass at Wanganui in 1962, and (on TV) two more gold medals in Tokyo in 1964; meeting him in person and sharing meals and conversation at the Hotel Rarotonga, 1970/71;

Meeting him again (and having a photo taken with him) when he helped to promote a 10,000 steps a day challenge at Massey University;

And seeing him for the last time when he visited my table tennis group with his wife Miki a few years ago.

A man who knew what he wanted and went for it, progressing in his career from being a quantity surveyor and, rather sadly, promoting sales of Rothman’s cigarettes, to become an eminent scientist in sports medicine research.

Opunake’s greatest son, New Zealand’s best-ever athlete, and my hero. I salute you Peter.

Contributions for the newsletter

If you would like to contribute an article or photos for inclusion in the newsletter please let the committee know or Contact WMC on the website for further details.

And finally just to prove that Bill’s runs aren’t always brutal, hard climbs … Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a safe, happy New Year!

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