July 2019 Newsletter

I would like to begin the July newsletter by sharing an email that was recently received by Rob Sutton, who is one of the founding members of the Wellington Marathon Clinic.

“Thank you so much for the invitation to the 40th celebration, I would love to be there, but it’s a long way from Perth however I’m sure I will be back in Wellington one day soon!
40th is amazing, I can remember so vividly the idea – Alan and I were running along Cashmere Avenue in Khandallah heading off for a long run, when Alan said we should start a marathon clinic.
Through contacts at Rongotai College and a small add in the paper we sat around the school pool and the club was formed. The logo which you still use was designed by an art student at the college. At that first meeting we met Peter Shackleton, Betty and I think Tony Coard might have been there, we were fortunate to have three doctors in our first intake.
The rest is history and our thanks go out to all those who have kept the idea alive with many thousands of miles run and many new friends made.

Interesting that Melissa Moon is attending and speaking as she was in the Wellington Girls College Cross Country Team and no doubt other events, when Jaki my wife was Head of PE at the College. On the side Jaki my wife turned into a great runner winning the Lincoln half marathon in the UK in amazing time of 1 hr 15min beating me by 8 minutes!!

We have continued with great health brought about I believe by our running fitness. Please extend my best wishes to all and have a great celebration,

kind regards Rob.”

If you haven’t registered for the 40th Anniversary Dinner, on Saturday 10 August 2019, I strongly encourage you to do so as it’s promising to be a wonderful, memorable evening.

Guest speakers, Melissa Moon and David Piper, will both inspire, motivate and entertain us while they share their experiences.
Melissa is a long-distance runner from Wellington, who is a two time World Mountain Running champion and has won 21 New Zealand athletics titles over her career. In 2001, she was named New Zealand Sportswoman of the Year.
David (Dave) was a member of the Wellington Marathon Clinic from 2007-2011 having Tony Coard as a guide and others occasionally. The purchase of a tandem bike was the beginning of his multisport journey. Dave has participated in several multisport events and is a part of
Achilles NZ who are sometimes his guide. In 2014, Dave did the Half Ironman, 2K swim, 90K bike and Half Marathon, at Mt Maunganui. Dave recently ran the WUU2K, Wellington Urban Ultra 2K which was held a few weeks ago.

The night will continue as the lights dim and the dance floor comes to life to the glorious sounds from the 50’s to the current hits.
Members $25, non-members $45, children $25. This includes dinner and a complimentary non-alcoholic or alcoholic drink. Bar will be open to purchase drinks.
This special occasion is not only for members we welcome family and friends to join us.
To sign up please use the form on the website https://wmc.org.nz/wmc-club-dinner-2019
Please register by 1 August 2019.

Dinner Registrations

Bill Black
Mark Growcott
Liya Liyanage
David Wilson
Lynda Young
Lynda Young
Judith Dennis
Chris Deller
Roland I
Gordon Clarke
Persephone Georgiakakis
Sean Bardsley
Judith Llewellyn
Tom Llanillo
Max Meyers
Denise Lawrence
Ann Stewart
Brian Pearl
Vijay Sukhalal
Leila Patel
Alicia Bunge
Carole Douce
Kylie Hall
Sally Jackson
Angelia Beamsley
Annie McCabe
Laurence Feehan
Jean cookson
mo bhikha
Alison Childs
Marian and Edward Phillips
Lisa cheney
Dennis & Christine
Liz Morrison
Nigel Raymond & Maryse Arnell
Anna Tyler
Jillian Preston
Peter Firth
Ted Greig
David Cossar
Maryanne & John Palmer
Meg Lockhart
Bruce Campbell
Jane O’Connell
Susan Clare
Shirley Hampton

Total number seats reserved: 75

Bus Trip to Belmont Regional Park

On Sunday 18 August our next bus trip is heading over to the Hutt Valley to Belmont Regional Park where we can enjoy breathtaking views over Porirua Harbour, the Lower Hutt valley and the remnants of ancient boulder block fields. The park features the historic Korokoro Dam, Pareaho Pa, World War II ammunition stores and the original main coach
road from Wellington.
Lots to explore – check out the video in the link below.
We have also invited the Hutt Valley Runners (Hutt Valley Marathon Clinic) to join us.
To sign up please go to the website and register by 12 August. https://wmc.org.nz/bus-trip-belmont-regional-park-18-aug-2019

Fem’s Monthly Sessions

Until further notice Fem’s monthly sessions will now be held in her studio at 85 Victoria Street, Level 1, (above Lido Café) Wellington City.
The WMC Committee will continue to offer these sessions free to all Wellington Marathon Clinic members. However the studio can only fit six people per session.
Register your interest in the form below. Either the last (Saturday 8am, Tuesday 6pm or Wednesday 5:30pm) of the month are available. Please select one, two or all options that suit you.
In future, as a courtesy to Femke, please contact her days before a session to let her know if you are coming. First come, first served.
If you have no intention of joining these sessions, there is no need to register.

Corrective Exercise Registration Form

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Corrective Exercise Registrations

Session Options
Tuesday 6pm, Wednesday 5:30pm
Agustine Affandi
Wednesday 5:30pm
Saturday 8am, Wednesday 5:30pm
Annie McCabe
Saturday 8am

About Femke (Fem)
Femke has been practicing as an Exercise Kinesiologist for over fifteen years at her own studio, The L.I.F.E Movement Studio™. She has been studying and practicing for 25 years alongside leaders in her field as a senior intern and assistant instructor at the CHEK Institute, California, USA; among other leading institutions.
Exercise Kinesiology is all about bodies in motion – the study and application of whole organism movement, movement organisation and how to restore and preserve it.
Exercise Kinesiology is holistic and views the body through the lens of inter-connectedness in terms of:
* Functionality and Tensegrity (tension/compression)
* Systems of Systems (cybernetics)
* Body, mind and Spirit / Emotional Well being.

The L.I.F.E Movement Studio, 85 Victoria Street, Level 1, (above Lido Café) Wellington. http://www.femkekoene.com

Suggested Name Change

At the 2018 AGM there was a suggestion that we should look at changing the name, or the “known as” name, of the Clinic, to better reflect our interests and usual activity. The Committee was asked to look into this and has the following proposal as a way to discuss any change:
* It is strongly recommended that WMC’s legal name is not changed
* A “trading name” might be added to better reflect the predominantly social/less competitive nature of most of our activities
* This will be publicised in the July newsletter
* There will be a survey in August for opinions on either no additional name or to nominate a preferred trading name
* Results will be brought to the September Committee meeting, members notified about the results and the issue will be voted on at the AGM.

Members are encouraged to discuss this and to respond to the survey next month, in preparation for a discussion at the AGM, which will be on 15 December 2019.

Coming up…

Saturday 10 August – 40th Anniversary Dinner, The Pines, Houghton Bay
Sunday 18 August – Belmont Regional Park Bus Trip

Looking Ahead…

Saturday 14 September – Time Cinema – Movie Night, 191 Sutherland Road, Lyall Bay
Sunday 20 October – Andy McNeill Event
Sunday 17 November – Bus Trip, Skyline Walkway
Sunday 15 December – AGM and Turkey Trot.

Captain Cooks Landing – 13 July 2019

Article written by Tina van Dijk
On a perfect winters day Wim and I set off from Picton by water taxi with runners and supporters to Camp Bay, Endeavour Inlet in the Queen Charlotte Sound. After the 50 minute boat trip, a bit of waiting on the boat my wave (10) was called on to land to have our compulsory safety gear checked. Then at precisely 10am my wave was let off on the run to
Ships Cove along the Queen Charlotte Track.


The track started with a slight incline and quickly my wave of 10 people left me behind. For the next 5 kms I was running by myself, but then I started to catch up to a few of the slower people from earlier waves and be passed by fast runners from the later waves. The first 13 kms was a comfortable run on undulating track. At the drinks station I gobbled down my muesli bar and the real run started with a slow grind uphill.

At the top I took a quick stop to overlook Resolution Bay and out to stunning Queen Charlotte sound. After a nice downhill I came to the sign that said 3.8 kms to Ship Cove.
Yay nearly there except I needed to conquer the final hill. As I slowed to a power walk I was reminded of the three X-terra runs I had completed and was pleased I was an experienced hill walker.

At the top of the hill my great supporter, Wim, was waiting. He helped me pick my way down the slippery descent to finally arrive at Ships Cove in 3 hours and 28 mins and four seconds. I had achieved my goal of under 3.5 hours. The run was enjoyable made more so by the great organisers, friendly people and amazing weather.

Wellington Marathon 2019

You can’t beat Wellington on a good day!

Wellington put on a stunner of a day for this year’s Wellington Marathon held recently.
The following WMC members took part:
Marathon – Wim, Persephone
Half Marathon – Bice, Susan, Angelia, Alicia, Liz and Tina
10K – Nazir

Angelia, Bice and Alicia

At the Finish Line with Stan

This is only the second time, in my recollection of the Wellington Marathon being held at the Westpac stadium, that it has been fine weather on race day. That wasn’t the case late Saturday afternoon. As a handful of us assembled at the stadium concourse, to set up the finish line, gantry, lanes, gates, signage and coning. The weather was fine to start with, but the wind picked up, enough for us to consider postponing putting up the finish line gantry until race day.

We were (rather selfishly) glad that at least the Hurricanes hadn’t top the Super Rugby NZ Conference. If they had, that Saturday would have had the semi final at Westpac and we wouldn’t be able to start until late into the night, finishing early in the morning with the marathon early start not far behind. The prospect of putting up the gantry earlier on race day, wasn’t a lot better. Thankfully the winds died and stayed away all race day, and we got the gantry up late on Saturday night.

The usual Marathon Clinic suspects were there to help out Michael Jacques and company. Mo, Stefan, Bill Freck, Mike Candy, Dave and Gabby Parle, but we could have done with a few more helping hands. The remaining slack was taken up by the Heart Foundation. Proceedings ran smoothly on race day.

I only have a couple of suggestions for improvement for Michael and Dennis Jacques …

  1. It always surprises me that competitors leave items of clothing, often good quality stuff; sweaters, puffer jackets or beanies on the fence line before and after the finish line. Very few items are collected by their owners after the run. Thinking about that famous fence line down in Cadrona, I would suggest to Dennis (finish line coordinator) to leave a few lacy bras tied to the gates behind the finish line, to promote more of a contribution for next year.
  2. Another surprising thing is the varied condition or state of runners and walkers crossing the finish line. I remember in years past, Gordie sprinting to the finish with snot running down his neck and phlegm drooling from his mouth. He wore it as a badge of honour. This year, I saw a young asian female runner completing the marathon with her black race number. She looked fresh as a daisy, no signs of sweat, not even the slightest tinge of pink on her cheeks! Not all mortal beings are visions of beauty after completing a marathon. Since the race photographers capture this moment for all finishers, might I suggest a set of vanity stations be placed just before the on-ramp to the concourse. So that those not so blessed have the opportunity to freshen up, if they so wish.

Helping out on race day on the concourse gives you an upper body work out, but it is still fun. Spectators and competitors alike do appreciate your work. I would recommend it to any able body not competing on the day. So think about putting your hand up for next year.

Gordie at his son’s wedding. Forget the speeches, it’s two hours minimum…

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