Nov 2019 Newsletter

It has been a very busy month for many Clinic members whether they have been preparing for the AGM or busy training for events here in Wellington or further up north.

A reminder the WMC 2019 Annual General Meeting is on Sunday 15 December. We meet at the ASB at 8am for the annual turkey trot, then head next door to the Indian Cultural Centre, 48 Kemp Street, for morning tea at 10:30am. The AGM will commence at 11am.

The Agenda, Notices of Motion, 2018 AGM Minutes of Meeting and Annual Accounts will be emailed to members on 29 November. If you don’t receive this email please let us know by emailing and you will be sent this information.

Trophy return
The Committee urgently requires all trophies to be returned as soon as possible. Please bring them on Sunday and give them to a Committee member or leave them with Meghan. Deadline 1 December 2019.

Bus trips
The Remutaka Rail Trail bus, provided by the Committee, took several members to this event. Many thanks to Nazir for organising the bus. Sincerest thanks to Brian and Leang for their fabulous and very grateful support.

The Skyline bus trip was very well attended, although extremely windy, a good time was had by all. Bice and Shirley have kindly provided recounts of their group’s mornings.

Several members participated in events last weekend. Bice, Nazir, Susan, Lisa, Liz, Alicia and Shirley took part in the Pelorus Trust event and in Rotorua, Angelia and Annie were running ultra’s (50km) and Ann a half in 27 degrees!

Fem’s Corrective Sessions
Fem’s next session is on Wednesday 4 December, 5:30pm (the first Wednesday of every month). Please contact Fem directly if you would like to join in. These sessions are free to WMC members but numbers are limited.
Corrective Sessions are held at Fem’s studio at 85 Victoria Street, Level 1 in Wellington City, above the Lido Cafe. Refer to

Coming up…
Wednesday 4 December – Fem’s Corrective Session
Sunday 15 December – Turkey Trot and AGM

Looking Ahead…
First day for 2020 – Sunday 19 January
Round the Bays – Sunday 16 February
Skyline Bus Trip – Sunday 17 November

Middle Walking Group
By Shirley Hampton
About a dozen of us started from Hatton Street, Karori and walked through part of Karori Cemetery. We then went through Otari Wilton Bush (missed the barbecue we have had there in the past) and over to Ngaio and Khandallah to the cafe for coffee.

This was a really interesting walk for a Southern Bays resident, dense bush which hid the noise of the wind and supplejack, and the cemetery which I’d like to explore more as it’s quite old. Then we’re out in the open, more deciduous trees and different plants like rhododendron than we have out our way. Thanks Jane and great to see a good number in our group.

Skyline Bus Trip – Running Pack
By Bice Awan
What a day! Perhaps as it was the last bus trip for 2019, we had over 30 people which was fantastic and so well organised by Nazir.

The Skyline affords the most incredible views but on the 17 th November this was certainly not be the case as Mt Kaukau was shrouded in mist. However, this did not dent enthusiasm and a number of runners got off the bus at Marsden Village to add distance to their run by running to the Makara entrance of the Skyline Trail.

Eight of us took the easier route to the Makara Entrance – by bus!

The start of our run was very sheltered and pleasant and continued so for some time. However, it did not take long to reach points on the run where both extreme wind and poor visibility was a factor. It was shortly after Liz – being buffeted around taking a photo – that our eight broke up into two groups of four. Not only did we lose sight of the group of four behind us, but it was even pretty difficult to have constant visual connection between us – visibility in the thick mist was very difficult.

I was certainly thankful of the gallantry of Lawrence who actually held my hand at one point to keep me moving forwards as I was being pushed so hard by the gale gusts! One real positive was that you couldn’t get lost as there was great signage on the Track which meant that we eventually reached the top – without actually being able to see the Radio Mast on Mt Kaukau!

Off we went downhill at last and back to the bus where those who had done the longer run were waiting for us to arrive!

Khandallah Village was the next stop where refreshments were had and various experiences shared of wind, visibility and fun.

As we headed home in the bus, I reflected that there is nothing like a completed run shared with great companions irrespective of the conditions.

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