April 2019 Newsletter

April 28, the date of the 2019 London Marathon is almost upon us. Apart from the marathon itself, which will have the current marathon record holder Eliud Kipchoge face up against the British runner Sir Mo Farah, there have been a number of current news items linked to the event. First, the release of the (supposed) fastest marathon shoe, and second, a most public spat between Mo Farah and a former marathon world record holder.

The Fastest Marathon Shoe

Currently the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly 4% could reasonably lay claim to being the fastest marathon shoe on the market today.
It’s users account for 63% of all podium finishers in major marathons in 2018, including Eliud Kipchoge posting a marathon world record 2:01:39.

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly 4%

Now you may ask, what’s with the “4 percent “in the title? It apparently makes it’s users 4% more efficient in running economy over Nike’s previous fast marathon shoe -Zoom Streak 6

Nike Zoom Streak 6

The Heir Apparent

In time for the 2019 London Marathon, Nike has released it’s ZoomX Vaporfly Next% model.
The shoe is apparently more efficiency than the Vaporfly 4%; with estimates 5% to 6% better running economy, but Nike didn’t want to limit itself (hence the name Next%, which is kind of lame).

Nike have collaborated with top flight marathon runners to create a rather striking and distinctive upgrade for the Vaporfly.

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next%

What’s the same?
The new shoe has inherited the same carbon fibre plate in the Vaporfly 4% running thru the middle of the shoe, which acts like a spring to propel you forward.

What’s changed? Well lots!
The 4%’s woven knit upper is replaced with a thermo plastic mesh upper based on, of all things… sail cloth.
The knit absorbs water, sweat from the feet while running or when its raining, weighed down the shoe. Feedback from US marathon runner, Sharlene Flanagan running in the 2018 Boston marathon hit by torrential rain, initiated the move to a new plastic upper which is lighter and holds less moisture.

There is 15% more ZoomX foam in the mid sole providing high rebound cushioning. There is an extravagant use of foam extending and narrowing to a point beyond the heel. For aerodynamics to cut down on wind drag, much like a time trial cyclist’s helmet?

The side view of the mid sole reminds me of an ice cream quenelle, and would not look out of place on the feet of Hermes.

There is an 8mm elevation in the heel to put the runner in a forward lean.

The Next% has an appreciable curve last.
The impression of the human foot on contact with the ground curves more inwards on impact the faster you go.
The Next% is designed to provide support of the foot at high speed, for
forefoot strikers, the dark outer rubber covers only the fore foot.
What little outer sole provided in the back half of the shoe is presumably only used for waiting at the start line.
There is an odd width and shape in the sole’s toe area, possibly providing more stability on toe off

There is a thin foam pod inside the heel and padded collar to cushion the Achilles

The off skew lacing alleviates pressure along the top part of the foot, the most sensitive part of the foot.

It’s light at 211gm, but not on your pocket, coming in at $US275 ($NZ413).

This shoe is not for mere mortals, not for the mid foot or heel strikers amongst us, but for speed merchants.

Farah – Gebreselaisse Fall Out

Mo Farah, while training in Ethiopia for the London Marathon stayed at a hotel owned and run by Hail Gebreselaisse.
Mo’s room was broken into and money, phones and a watch stolen were stolen.
The two runners were friends before this event.

However Farah has accused Gebreselaisse for failing to help and not returning calls,
Gebreselaisse has accuses Farah of starting a brawl in gym with another athlete, not paying the hotel bill and bringing his business and name into disrepute.

Haile Gebreselaisse is considered the greatest distance runner in history.
He has held records and titles from 800m to marathon, setting 27 world records, including the 2008 marathon record of 2:03:59.

Sir Mo Farah is a British runner of Somalian descent
He is the 2012 and 2016 Olympic gold medallist in 5000m and 1000m,
and the 20113 and 2015 holder of the above distances at the worlds.
He also won 2018 Chicago marathon in 2:05:11.

Upcoming WMC Events

Saturday 4 May – Rotorua Marathon
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Sun 5 May -Femke’s Corrective Session
This will be held in the Ngake Room, on the mezzanine floor, North end. Everyone is welcome.

19 May Bus Trip Battle Hill
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Tips to Healthy Aging

Judith Dennis has offered some tips to healthy aging.

Happy running and walking, stay injury free, and see you all on a Sunday.

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