April 2020 -Week 1

Tēnā koe e hoa
I hope you’re doing well and are keeping safe in your bubbles. When I’m exercising around the block, I see lots of other people walking, running, cycling … but so far no WMC people. However I know you’re out there getting exercise most or all days. Us active people tend to have a physiological age which is years younger than our chronological age. If level 4 was about physiological 70 year olds, I don’t think any of our members would have to stay home.
The scarcity of cars is a blessing as well, much more pleasant and quieter when we go out
… but please don’t tempt fate by walking/running in the middle of the road.
To provide a bit of interest to your runs and to keep the motivation there, we will be running a photo competition (please see below for more information).
Finally a big thank you to the WMC Committee for continuing to think about how we can communicate with you during this lockdown. A number of the Committee tell their stories of this last week – perhaps you could tell us your own story.
Wim van Dijk, President

Photo Competition for Week 1 in April

Let’s add a bit of interest to your outings. Take a camera/phone with you and capture anything that fits (or almost fits) the theme. The winning photo will be decided by a sub- group of the Committee and will feature in the next newsletter.

This week’s theme is “Dog Walking/Running”

Take any number of photos and send them to us at wellingtonmarathonclinic@gmail.com by Wednesday 8th April with the subject “Photo – Dog Walking/Running” along with your name.
We trust you to actually take the photo yourself and not to grab it off the internet … as we’ve done below!
Feel free to suggest a caption for your photo.

How we are feeling…

Wim van Dijk
How are you feeling during this time?
Pretty good. Really enjoying the lack of cars/bustle and the weather is matching my feelings. But I don’t want to get into pathetic fallacy, so let’s just say I’m appreciating the change of pace in the sunshine.

Who’s in your bubble?
My wife Tina and 18 year old son Anthony. We’re getting along well so far, it helps that there is enough space (and heating!) in the house for us all to retreat to different rooms when we need to.

What have you been doing with all the spare time we have on hand?
I spent quite a bit of the wet Sunday morning assembling a computer program which downloads the latest statistics for Covid-19 and graphs them. It sounds geeky and gruesome, but I worry less about stuff that I understand well, and it’s nice not to rely totally on media releases. Also I made these …

I’m not going to lose any weight on lockdown

What does your fitness routine look like?
I’m (slightly) injured which means I can’t run. First thing in the morning I’ll ride with Tina for about an hour around Miramar on the road bike. When/if the tracks dry out, I might do a quick mountain bike circuit up Mt Crawford just after lunch, alternatively a brief walk. Will start to run later this week.

Judith Dennis
How are you feeling during this time?
Initially, before Level 3 and 4, I was really down, as bit by bit parts of my life closed down. As I live alone and have no family in NZ, I’ve always tried to connect with my community, particularly through kids’ sport. To have that taken away was devastating at first. But now that we’re all in it together, I’m feeling more stoic! In some ways, because I only work part-
time, I’m not so badly affected by the lockdown – I tend to spend quite a bit of time alone anyway. I was surprised, though, at how much I was looking forward to my supermarket visit this morning!

Who’s in your bubble?
I’m in my own bubble, but I have neighbours downstairs and next door that I can talk to from 2m away!

What have you been doing with all the spare time we have on hand?
I’m actually quite busy – researching online options for my clients, trying to get up to speed with new technology so that we can ‘get together’ online, and generally keeping in touch with them through my group FB page and email. But I do have time for a lie-in each morning! I’m also in the middle of a de-cluttering drive, and the kitchen cupboards have been getting the
treatment so far. Plenty of time for general housework, too. I’ve downloaded Libby, the Library app, so that I can get my fill of fiction, and I still have on loan a huge tome on Surveillance Capitalism, which is hard to plough through!

What does your fitness routine look like?
I have set myself a goal of improving my 5k time, in an imaginary race in 5 weeks’ time. (My nephew warned me not to tell anyone I was racing against imaginary people, or I might be in for a different sort of lockdown!) Anyway, this distance is manageable in terms of training – no really long runs. I also have exercises to do, set by my trainer – and we ‘meet’ once a
week using Zoom. In addition, I’m working on a kick boxing routine – once I get it down pat, I’ll video it and share it with my boot-camp clients.

Liz Morrison
How I’m feeling?
Missing my grandchildren in the south island, thankful for my current good health and level of fitness, deeply grateful for all the wonderful workers in essential services, and confident our PM is taking the right steps.

Who’s in my bubble?
We are a household of five, including my 8 year old granddaughter and a relative who was visiting and couldn’t get back home when the lock down began.

What I’m doing with my spare time?
Thank goodness for Wellington library ebooks. Spending lots of time with my granddaughter!

My fitness routine
Luckily the weather has been pretty good so I’ve been running most days, about 7-8 kms, staying local and trying to go very early in the morning to avoid the crowds!

Keeping connected and motivated
Three WMC running buddies and I were going to do the 16km Skyline Challenge near Martinborough at the end of April so now we’re training to do a virtual run, sharing encouragement and photos of our local runs on Messenger and, thanks to Zoom, I can continue to do my Pilates classes at home.

Julie Huo
How are we feeling during this period?
I have been seeking employment in Wellington since February. Finally I got a job offer last Monday 23 March and was about to start on 30 March then the PM announced we would go to alert level 4 stage lockdown within 48 hours and all non-essential businesses shut down.
Then I have no choice but to wait. But I do understand saving lives for this country is way too important than I start a new job. Be patient, Julie.

Who is in your bubble?
Lucky I have only one person to bubble up which is Ken. It took me 5 days to come to the realisation that my role now in my household is to assist Ken to perform his FT workload. He works for Reserve Bank and he’s totally flat out due to COVID19s negative effect towards the economy.

What do you do with time in hand?
I was independent before the lockdown but become an assistant since Ken started to work from home. I feel less time for myself but to cook and look after my household more. I do have a plan to pick up my pronunciation notes, learn music and read more about how to relieve lower back pain and hopefully I will get to some of them.

My fitness routine
I adopted my previous coach’s maintenance run program from last Thursday: 7km x 3 and long run 15-20km x1; 2 strength/resistance training; 5 yoga practice.

Bruce Campbell
Janet and I are now in our Bubble. We have been retired for some years and this is not much different than how we normally live except that we can now no longer go and visit our children or on our visits to the cafe’s, nor meet with our walking group.

We have been running and walking since 1979 and our routine was in the start to get up at 5am go for an hour run, back for a shower, breakfast then off to work. As we have moved to walking and now retired we now feel that up at 6.30am is early enough to go for our walk before breakfast before the start of our what was a number of weekly activities which help us to keep doing regular things each week.

Monday’s was supermarket day which we still are doing.

Tuesday was life drawing for Janet and I usually I had a building project I would be doing in my shed.

Wednesday we spent the morning at our Friends of Owhiro Stream shade house potting up native plants which Janet had started from collected seeds from our area.

Thursday we would drive to an area where we could do a 4-5 hour walk through native bush on tracks and rough disc tracks usually with friends.

Friday was house cleaning then to town for lunch with our son and shopping and the library.

Saturday was a walk then maybe some shopping and gardening or once a
month we have a working bee at the Owhiro stream to organise for our volunteers to work on cleaning up and planting.

Sunday was go to the vegetable market then on to the clinic for our
walk with the medium walking group – very little of this we can now do.

Our walking group have been communicating nearly every day with messages by email mainly through Peter Firth who is our scribe to get comments going; for instance,

Edward and Marion said they have now started using their gym equipment for training instead of being a clothes dryer.

Sybil has written a small poem about how to encourage people and children to wash their hands for 20 seconds.
If you are happy and you know it Wash your hands
If you are happy and you know it Stay at home
If you are happy and you know it And you really want to show it
If you are happy and you want to show it Phone a friend
Keep out of trouble tucked up in your bubble.

Others have been walking around counting teddy bears in house windows and cars. At our quiet lunches sitting in our courtyard we now hear our neighbours working in their gardens or talking and playing with their children. Keep happy everyone and do what you can to keep well.

Kia kaha – stay strong!

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