April 2020 -Week 2

Wim van Dijk, President

Tēnā koe e hoa
Thank you for the wonderful feedback we received about last week’s newsletter. We’re thrilled you enjoyed it and really appreciate you taking the time to let us know.
We’ve done 13 days of Level 4 alert. I hope you are doing OK, so far so good in the van Dijk household – I like local. I don’t much like the term lockdown since our doors aren’t locked. We are still going out, just in our bubbles (I quite like that word). If you’re wondering what this stay-at-home rule is trying to achieve, it’s basically about managing the load on our health services, particularly ICU (The Hammer and the Dance is worth a read). One thing that is clear is that the health actions against Covid-19 are going to continue in one form or another for a long time – months, maybe years if you count getting a vaccine.
A marathon not a sprint. That’s in our thing – we can do this.

Dog tired of staying inside

Thanks for your ‘Dog Walking’ entries last week.
The winner is ‘Dog tired of staying inside’ by Susan Clare.

Photo Competition #2

Essential Service Equipment

For the coming week the theme is anything to do with ‘Essential Services’.

Take any number of photos and send them to us at wellingtonmarathonclinic@gmail.com by noon, Wednesday 15 April with the subject “Photo Competition”. Feel free to suggest a caption. My entry is below.

Here’s how the rest of the Committee are feeling…

Bice Awan

How are you feeling?
Actually life is not very different. The way of doing things has changed – Board meetings remotely handled and of course no JP work.

Who’s in your bubble?
Nazir and our dog Roza. Both of us have not been full time working for a while now so we had established a home routine. Nazir is busy on contract work so I see him as he emerges from the office from time to time!

What have you been doing with all the spare time we have on hand?
Nazir doesn’t have too much at the moment but when he does we have been taking a cupboard at a time and clearing out. What a shock that has been! No idea why we had about 20 spectacle cases for example and paperwork going back decades!

What does your fitness routine look like?
Well mine had a bit of a hiccup yet still do a 35 minute HIT type routine every day first thing in the morning and Nazir a weights program. I miss running with Maryse and before the lockdown she was so social and walked with me as I can’t run yet. We both miss our regular gym activities too and our social contacts there.
Now our ‘bubble’ walk everyday at least 6 -7 kms never flat – not possible in Wadestown. We have lots of options – Nazir running often with the dog as I come behind more sedately! I have been doing about 40 kms a week.

We are all so lucky in Wellington to be able to get out without compromising social distancing.
Stay well and happy everyone.

Sean Bardsley

How are you feeling during this time?
I’m not sure how I feel during this time really, all a bit surreal. To be honest it’s a bit worrisome as I can’t work from home and am not receiving my regular pay, business will be difficult after this. I am however pleased that the NZ Government has taken the tough decision to do this.

Who’s in your bubble?
In my bubble with me is Liz and Mariette (6) and Bramble the cat. We are learning to expand our bubble in the virtual sense but FaceTiming family.

What have you been doing with all the spare time we have on hand?
Can’t say that one gets ‘spare time’ being in lockdown with a 6 year old. Had hoped to do more study and video stuff but that isn’t really happening. Lots of DIY thoughts we’ve been building a deck and fitting out our sleep out/office.

What does your fitness routine look like?
Fitness routine didn’t really start till this week. We’re taking turns to go for runs, keeping it local, and pretending I’m in a zombie apocalypse is really helping with upping the pace.
Family walks around the neighbourhood doing the teddy bear hunt, and Boot Camp via FaceTime (more Liz than me).

Gordon Clarke

How are you feeling during this time?
I’m feeling great. I’m actually enjoying it, don’t won’t to go back to “the blissfully ignorant days” of pre Corona.

Who’s in your bubble?
Wendy is up in Feilding with her elderly parents, and working from there. We have two flatmates living with us, one is staying with her mother for the duration, the other is working night shifts at Rita Angus and is sleeping during the day, so I’m basically home alone going blind without Wendy.

What have you been doing with all the spare time we have on hand?
I’ve finally been able to work on my house without the incessant interruptions of phone calls, texts, etc but as you can see, not so with these bloody emails.

What does your fitness routine look like?
Fitness routine is much the same as previously. Cross training everyday out in my shed (wind trainer for 35mins and a rowing type thing for 25mins) this saves me hammering my niggles, but still ensures an aerobic demand on the body, certainly sweating profusely when inside as no wind resistance as with running, and the running is more frequently, (4-5 days a week), but I find a long run on my own quite a challenge (a 2hr run feels like 3hrs). I don’t have such an issue with a little company, it only has to be one other, however that little avenue of excess has been denied. As last Sunday was raining, I couldn’t face a long run with wet undies, yuck. So gave it a miss. Having said that, I’m averaging 1hr 40 mins every day in total exercise time. So I think that is manageable while we are locked in. However, if
reductions continue and we can’t actually leave the property, I’ll have to rely on the exertions in my shed to maintain my sanity. Yep, I’ll cope with that.

Mikey Clarke

How are you feeling during this time?
Getting a tiny bit of cabin fever, but nothing more than that – I’ve got all the sympathy in the world right now for gigantic families all crammed together under a single roof. Sure, it’s easy to feel a little cooped up right now, but it could be a hell of a lot worse!

Who’s in your bubble?
Right now only my mum, Liz, is in my bubble. We’re both living in Kapiti at her place, and as bubble locations go, it’s actually a pretty good one! Nice spread out residential areas, right next to the beach, walking trails all over the place.

What have you been doing with all the spare time we have on hand?
My day job is building web apps, which I mostly do remotely anyway, so I’ve honestly not had much of a disruption! Business as usual, at least professionally. Though the biggest difference is that, previously, I could work from home and be sure of a bit of peace and quiet, but now Liz is working from home too, in her capacity as a technician at the Department of Internal Affairs. The DIA configured its goons to have the capacity to work from home months ago, though Liz has been greatly enjoying giving me a hilarious, blow-by-blow account of how, on the first few days of our level-4 lockdown, the DIA network was totally swamped and no-one could log in, only for its own techs to discover that a ton of people had started streaming HD Netflix shows over it, clogging its bandwidth.

What does your fitness routine look like?
Fitness? Not a huge disruption either. Over the years, wherever I’ve lived, I’ve fallen into the habit of learning the local terrain well enough to pick out around ten half-hour running routes surrounding my house, and then cycling through them each morning. Easy. Same here.
Here’s a few of mine:


How are you feeling during this time?
I’m not sure how I’m feeling, some days are easier than others which is why I’m trying to keep as busy as I can. During one of the Prime Minister’s press conferences she said that she was missing people. I love my bubble but this is exactly how I’m feeling too, I am missing people.

Who’s in your bubble?
My husband, Nick, and our children Helena (21 years) and Andreas (15 years). Luckily we all have our own spaces to go to when we need to, but all in all we’re doing well.

What have you been doing with all the spare time we have on hand?
I’m probably baking a bit too often (at the moment the family are loving it!) and I’m enjoying trying out new recipes at mealtimes – some have been winners and some haven’t rated as well as I thought they would.
I’m also spending a lot of time in the garden. Shame I didn’t get to buy any plants before everything closed, but I’m almost weed free – at least for a few days anyway. I’m also knitting a jumper for my granddaughter, who I’m missing like crazy, and once this is finished I hope to finish the scarf I started this time last year!

What does your fitness routine look like?
Earlier this year I had registered for four running events which was going to make for a very busy March/April. One by one they were either cancelled or postponed so I thought now what? Judith had kindly provided me with a running programme so I decided to stick with my programme and run the distances on the days which my events would have taken place.

Keep running/walking happy and safe everyone!

The link between sleep and a strong immune system

The following article has been provided by Judith Dennis:
There are numerous strategies related to improving the function of your immune system, from eating healthy foods to drinking enough water to getting consistent exercise. One more big one for the list? Making sleep a priority.
To read further click on the link below.

Kia kaha – stay strong!

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