WMC Newsletter June 2020

Kia ora koutou katoa

We’ve had our shortest day and theoretically we are going to see more daylight, apparently Kelburn recorded a grand total of 6 minutes of sunshine for the week of 15 June.  

As lockdown restrictions ease it also feels like we are coming into the light, though the government recommends we “keep a diary” of our movements. That isn’t compulsory of course, but it seems sensible enough, and one way you can do that on Sunday is by filling out the tracing sheet or the on-line form.  

There is a sense that we should catch up on things. The Committee is all for that, this is what we are planning: 

  • Open Day on Sunday 19th July. Bring friends and family (dogs and children are OK if they behave and can keep up)
  • a club dinner in August
  • a visit to TIME Cinema for a movie night and, when things warm up a bit, we want to take at least one bus trip to some interesting place in the region. 

But those are just our thoughts, if you have an idea for an activity or an event that WMC could be involved with, we’d love to hear from you.

Our longest serving Committee member, Judith Dennis has just stepped down to concentrate on her own business. She has been fantastic on the Committee these last 4 and a half years – always positive, organised and helpful in all of our events and activities. It’s typical that she offered to keep helping with our finances despite all of the other things on her plate. I hope she doesn’t get so busy, she forgets to run with us on Sundays. Thank you Judith.

WMC Open Day – Sunday 19 July 

Please bring a friend, your neighbour, anyone who would enjoy running/walking with the Clinic. We will start the morning with our normal pack runs/walks and finish off the morning with morning tea.


Thank you to those who have paid their membership subscription. If you have yet to do so it would be greatly appreciated if you could do this as soon as possible. Subs will remain at $20 for the remainder of 2020. 

You can pay by cash or cheque at a Sunday morning meeting, or online by direct credit to 02-0534-0095446-00.

Annual Club Dinner
Each members’ meal will be subsidised by $20 and a complimentary drink will be provided. More details to come.

Movie Night
We are waiting for the Time Cinema to reopen to schedule our annual movie night. More details to come.

Fem’s Sessions
We were fortunate to have held one Runners and Walkers Corrective session earlier this year. Fem’s sessions will recommence next month on Sundays at the ASB Centre, Matairangi Room, 10:30am – 1130am. At time of print a start date hadn’t yet been confirmed but a separate email will be sent to notify you this.

Coming up…..

Sunday 19 July – Annual Open Day

July – Fem’s Session

Looking ahead….

August – Club Dinner (date and venue to be confirmed)
Sunday 30 August – Wellington Marathon
September – Movie night (date to be confirmed)
October – Bus trip (date and venue to be confirmed)
Sunday 1 November – Andy McNeill Memorial Run/Walk
Sunday 13 December – AGM/Turkey Trot.

Wim van Dijk, President 

Femke Koene – Exercise Kinesiology
Runners and Walkers Corrective
I’m really looking forward to recommencing Runners and Walkers Corrective!

The Matairangi Room is perfect and I hope for those of you who have participated in the past that the sessions have been fun and valuable.

What is it that I do?
I help people restore their natural body architecture, their natural posture and ways of moving that is deeply inherent – a systems approach to posture and movement education.

The occasional Yoga or Pilates class is not likely to undo the marble-like stiffness we are instilling into our bodies so you will learn daily tuning and how to make “every step your rep” safely and sensibly.

See you soon!

A couple of weeks ago Gordy’s pack ran the Western Hills. The photos speak for themselves…

D:\DATA\Percy\Running\WMC - Newsletter\2020\June 4 2020.jpg
D:\DATA\Percy\Running\WMC - Newsletter\2020\June 3 2020.jpg
D:\DATA\Percy\Running\WMC - Newsletter\2020\June 1 2020.jpg
D:\DATA\Percy\Running\WMC - Newsletter\2020\June 5 2002.jpg
D:\DATA\Percy\Running\WMC - Newsletter\2020\June 2 2020.jpg
D:\DATA\Percy\Running\WMC - Newsletter\2020\June 2020.jpg

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