February 2021 Newsletter

From the President

Hi folks and welcome to my first spiel in 2021.  It was great to see people on the trails around Wilton Bush on 31 Jan.  I’d like to update you on another great trail, in my opinion the best in Wellington, called Clinical

WMC have donated money towards the maintenance of this excellent track, which in this case is a new layer of gravel.  That may seem a really simple thing to do, but resurfacing is actually quite technical, and …  expensive.   A week ago I ran past cool equipment and then some alarming signs (don’t tell anyone 😉) …

… and had a chat with Thomas of TGL Contracting

They can’t use helicopters, so the gravel is all moved by barrow.  Once in place it is raked, moistened (by a fairly precise amount) and finally compacted.

I feel that our money is being put to good use.


Please don’t forget to pay your subscription.  $30 for the entire year, but $20 if you pay before 1 March.  Ideally you fill out your contact details and pay using internet banking as per this link.  We (reluctantly) accept cash – pass that to a committee member on a Sunday, but we cannot accept cheques.

Looking ahead

  • we have a bus trip to the Hutt River Trail at the end of this month. Info and signup is here.
  • Our Open Day this year will be on the last Sunday in March, the 28th.  Should be fun!

WCC draft Te Kopahou trails plan

Craig Starnes from Brooklyn Trail Builders (he spoke to us on a Sunday in 2020) has reminded me that this is probably our only chance to get a comprehensive master-planned track network approved for Te Kopahou (see map below).  The track network will allow far greater access to the green spaces. 

This is fairly complicated, but the primary consideration that we should all agree on is if trails are to be built then they should be built well.  Nobody wants to use a poorly made trail. 

Here are the links, 

Have your say (please do!).  You need to register on the WCC site to make a response and then sign in.  It’s easy, particularly if you have a Facebook or google login already.  You have until 5pm on 28 Feb to respond but sooner is better.

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