Andy McNeill Memorial Run and Walk 2020 – Courses

The short course

is about 7km and comprises Highbury Fling, Transient, left on Aro street to Holloway Road and up Clinical to finish at George Denton Park.

Long course

Roughly 10km.   Follow the fenceline up the Roller Coaster, cross over to Windmill uphill track.  Turn right and cross the road near the turbine, then run back beside the fence and down the Roller Coaster. Turn right down Sawmill to Ashton Fitchett Drive, down the steps (careful!) to Transient, all the way down to Aro street.  Follow the footpath leftward to Holloway road, up Clinical and finish at George Denton Park.

For fit and ambitious runners

You can do both.  Run the 10km course with the aim of getting back to George Denton Playground within 70 minutes.  If you beat that cut-off, continue on to do the 7km loop for a grand total of 17 glorious trail kilometres!