Weekly Report

November 2018 notes from PresidentThe end of the year is drawing closer, witnessed by the advent of black Friday (seemingly with neither a Friday or a 13th in evidence), Santa parades disrupting traffic, Christmas Carols now heard in shops, and of course arguments over … Continue reading

Notice Board

Bill BuxtonHi everyone, I’m sorry to have to let you know that Bill Buxton died on 10 January. There has been a private cremation but a memorial service is planned – see today’s DomPost. Some of you might not have known … Continue reading
Movie Night Saturday 16 June 2018Movie Night Registration is now Closed. Seats Reserved


Member Profile – Robert TredgerWhat do you do when you are not walking? gardening … and more walking What started you walking? A young lady I happened upon asked me “who you you walk with?” and recommended WMC. Then I wanted to race, so … Continue reading
Andy McNeill 2018 Event results and feedbackThanks to everyone who ran or walked at the fun run.  The weather was pretty good and the tracks were in good shape.  Also a big vote of thanks to the helpers and our sponsors. If you are curious about … Continue reading

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