My Favourite Run – Aubrey RotaI joined the RNZAF in 1988 weighing about 70kg. I began running in 1994 when I woke up one day, looked in the mirror and saw somebody who looked familiar but weighed 85kg. This is not about what I weighed … Continue reading
Member Profile – Angelia BeamsleyWhat do you do when you are not running(walking)? I’m thinking of running, or watching others run.  My other hobbies are eating and sleeping. You are really into it!  What started you running? When I was about 6 years old … Continue reading
Member Profile – Judith DennisWhat do you do when you are not running? I’m semi-retired, working as a support worker for people with disabilities. I also coach junior netball and cricket, and I’m aiming to start my own business as a Fitness Instructor What … Continue reading
Member Profile – Tony OakshattMy name is Anthony (Tony) Oakshatt. I am a founder member, life member, and have served on numerous committees of the WMC. After years of weight lifting and gym work I noticed an advert for the WMC in January 1979 … Continue reading
Food Intolerances and FODMAPsAs I’ve got older, my body has developed intolerances to certain foods. And it’s not just me, more and more people are experiencing this to almost epidemic proportions. It’s certainly affected my ability to run and to find suitable things … Continue reading
Member Profile – Roland IdaczykWhat do you do when you are not running/walking? Eating, sleeping … just kidding! I have been working in IT as a software developer for 30 years and am now trying to establish a more relaxed lifestyle by providing various … Continue reading
Member Profile – Mike CandyWhat do you do when you are not running? Anyone who knows me even a little bit will know that I might struggle to succinctly answer this question. I have a variety of alternative sporting interests primarily cycling, but also … Continue reading
Member Profile: StanWhat do you do when you are not running(walking)? I work in IT for a large government body as a Business Analyst. In past lives I have been a software developer with a background in Telecommunications and an Assistant Engineer. … Continue reading
Member Profile TemplateHere is the member profile template. This is entirely optional. You can stay on script or go free form, it’s entirely up to you. What do you do when you are not running(walking)? What started you running(walking)? Who has influenced … Continue reading
Otari-Wilton Bus Run September 2016Another masterpiece by the talented Mr Bardsley