Susan Clare Reflects….    I caught up with Susan at the Aquatic Centre café recently to talk about what has been an exciting time for Susan – in a little over 12 months she’s run two marathons, and endured an extended period … Continue reading
Kipchoge Breaks World Marathon RecordJohn Gallagher sent me an email last week. Thank you John. “Have you heard about the new world record set at the Berlin Marathon this month?” He supplied me with a link to the new Economist article Yes! Indeed I … Continue reading
How much water should a runner drink?This article should be a doddle: google, copy, paste, publish! … if only It turns out that people don’t agree that much, scientific opinion has evolved and there are still differing opinions.  As usual, the smart thing to do is … Continue reading
Member Profile: Nazir AwansNazir Awans What do you do when you are not running(walking)? GYM   What started you running(walking)? My partner   Who has influenced your running(walking) the most? My partner   Why do you run (walk) long distance? It is a … Continue reading
Member Profile – Wim van Dijk  What do you do when you are not running? You mean I get to stop sometimes? Seriously though, I love road cycling. Indoors … I read books, am a tragic Spurs fan and occasionally play the piano rather badly. … Continue reading
Great Forest Marathon, Waitarere 14 AprilGreat Forest Marathon – April 14, by Jennifer Lane I’d love to dramatise my experience of the Great Forest Marathon by saying it was the toughest race I’d ever faced, that I hit the wall at 28km, collapsed with severe … Continue reading
WMC Trophy Winners history so farHistory up to and including 2017 Since WMC does not have a trophy cabinet, the history of who won what was only view-able on the trophies themselves.  I have looked at all of the trophies I could find, and made … Continue reading
WMC Trophy Winners in 2017in no particular order Couldn’t attend Sean Bardsley – fastest male half marathon in Wellington Event Alicia Bunge – fastest first half marathon Thanks to: Graeme Sampson for getting the engraving done Judith Dennis for help present Persephone Georgeiakis for … Continue reading
Just Another MarathonToday I will fill out the online entry form for the Gold Coast Marathon on 1 July. It’s 25 years since my last marathon, so I’m right out of my comfort zone. I ran Rotorua in 1993 in 4:09, about … Continue reading
My Favourite Run – Aubrey RotaI joined the RNZAF in 1988 weighing about 70kg. I began running in 1994 when I woke up one day, looked in the mirror and saw somebody who looked familiar but weighed 85kg. This is not about what I weighed … Continue reading