Weekly Report

November 2017 NewsletterAnother month has passed since Wim’s newsletter in October and Christmas seems to be just around the corner…  Since then, we’ve had a memorial run for Andrew McNeill – thanks to Julie for hosting this; Check out the photos supplied … Continue reading
Round-the-Bays Half 2018A number of people have mentioned that targeting some events as a group could be fun.  To start the ball rolling, I thought I’d aim for the 2018 Round-the-Bays half marathon and below is my 12 week training plan.  This … Continue reading
Bus Trip postponed to OctoberTwo brief notes As mentioned last Sunday, we have had problems getting a Bus for this weekend, so we are postponing the Belmont Bus Trip to October (probably the 8th).  We will let you know details closer to the time. … Continue reading
WMC Mystery MedleyOn Sunday 13 August, we want to do something a bit different from the normal pack runs/walks. The idea is to add some variety to our Sunday sessions and to get to know other WMC people.  Sort of “banding together”. … Continue reading
July 2017 NewsletterEditorial part 1 July is a cold month … and I can prove it. From more than 13 years of hourly data at Kelburn the average monthly temperatures were: May: 11.8, June: 9.6, July: 8.9, August: 9.3. When it’s dark … Continue reading