Training for Gold Coast Marathon 2018Marathon training:   I’m planning on running the Gold Coast marathon on 1st July. This coincides with the Wellington Marathon, so if anyone is interested in a training program for that event, please feel free to use mine!  I’m following Wim’s example … Continue reading
Hill Running Training TipsHere are some exercises that will strengthen all the right muscles so that running Wellington’s hills will be a breeze: Caution: be careful with the deadlift – try to keep your back straight, with the bend coming from the … Continue reading
Core Workouts for RunnersA strong core can lessen our vulnerability to injuries – especially knee and back injuries. A strong core contributes to stable alignment so that we don’t end up inadvertently over-using some muscles/joints/tendons. This workout shows some very important strengthening exercises … Continue reading
A Wee Problem at the Rotorua MarathonGetting on for three decades ago (Good grief! Is it that long?) we used to have 10 minute talks on running when we met in the upper meeting room at the Aquatic Centre at 8 o’clock on Sunday mornings. President … Continue reading
Intermediate Half Marathon Training Schedule  also: stretching and core strength exercises on Monday and Friday mon tue wed thu fri sat sun week 11 20 min jogging start io Initial programme 35 min include 20 minutes‘up tempo’ 20 min jogging 35 min steady REST … Continue reading
Beginners Half Marathon Training Schedulealso: stretching and core strength exercises on Monday and Friday mon tue wed thu fri sat sun week 11 REST start io Initial programme 25 min jogging 20 min fast walk 25 min jogging REST 60 min jog 25,fast walk … Continue reading
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Preparing for a half marathonby Ross Fisher Following are some notes designed to get your fitness topped up – Your body well nourished and hydrated – Your mental perspective in positive mode (very important is that!!) – And finally help insulate you from cursed … Continue reading