Volunteers for Andy McNeill Event 28 Oct 2018

Job Descriptions

Marshalls ( 9 )

  • Attend briefing as arranged, a few days prior to event
  • in Position on course by 8:30
  • Direct runners/walkers on marked track – some will be placed where routes could be ambiguous
  • advise any mountain bikers on the track that there is an event in progress
  • Contact Safety manager (Mike) or Project Manager (Wim) should there be injury/illness reported to you
  • When tail-end charlie passes you, return to George Denton Park, collecting any course markers/signs as you go.
  • Assist with packing up after the event.

Timers / Registerers / Spot Prizes

  • start
    • Make sure all names are written down, alphabetically, on paper prior to start.  Update with late arrivals
    • Agree procedure for recording time, having set up laptop
    • One person to start the event (and record time of starts)
    • One person to brief (WVD)
  • during
    • draw spot prizes from hat and record with registration
  • finish
    • One person to hand out numbered tokens at the end of the event
    • One person to record time as numbers are handed out
    • two people at registration desk to
      • tally finisher tokens with names of registered runner
      • hand out spot prizes (PG)
    • Assist with packing up after the event.

Parking Assistants / Refreshments (2 )

  • Monitor car-parking and direct people back further as spaces fill
  • Set up for refreshments and hand the following to finishers:
    • Water (keep up a supply of full cups)
    • Piece of fruit
    • Sticky bun (?)
    • Monitor littering – direct people to marked bins
    • Assist with packing up after the event.

Tail-end charlies (BH, NA)

  • Stay behind the last person on your course
  • walking tail end Charlie is marshal at first branch (20 yards from start)
  • Contact Safety manager (Mike 027 283 9399) or Project Manager (Wim – 027 3538832) should there be injury/illness reported to you
  • Advise each marshall that you’re the last person, and they can start packing up markings and return to George Denton Park
  • Assist with packing up after the event.

M2 – looking downhill

Finish at GD Park

M9 – left up Clinical

M4 – heading to turbine

M3 – start of uphill windmill track


M4 M5 almost at turbine

M4 M5

M7 – go left

M9 – heading for clinical