2016 April

Mike Candy (Chair), Bice Awan, David McCrone, Judith Dennis, Lynda Young, Tony Oakshatt, Wim van Dijk.

Minutes of last meeting

  • Moved Tony / Wim: That the minutes of the 21 March meeting be accepted. Carried.

Matters arising

  • Mary to make committee minutes from January 2016 open to all readers.
  • David to check with ASB re hire charges on the smaller meeting room
  • Mike has been in touch with ASB over the WMC Sunday bookings.

Finance and membership

  • The financial report had been circulated.
  • Membership is 108, down on last year’s 127.
  • Interest received is approximately $830 a month.
    Moved David/Judith: That the payments listed in the financial report be approved. Carried.
  • A system for some oversight of the accounts and reconciliation processes were discussed, to give protection to those operating accounts in the likely scenario of not having an annual financial audit in coming years. Mike to make a recommendation to the next meeting.
  • Mike is persisting with the BNZ signatory situation. Sally is the BNZ account administrator.
    Moved Wim/Lynda: That we ask Sally to stay on as the WMC BNZ account administrator and Jillian to continue as a signatory, subject to their agreement; that Mike be registered as an account signatory; that David remain a signatory; and that Jillian and Tony be authorised to have an eftpos card for the 029 account. Carried

Administration, document sharing

  • It was agreed that file sharing and storage will be done through a WMC Committee Dropbox, using the existing file structure. Wim to issue passwords and propose how to manage the account

2016 Calendar, events

  • The proposed time trials will not go ahead unless there is more interest shown this week. Mike to email Jillian for the weekly notices and to mention it on Sunday; Tony to make a decision based on these responses.

Clinic membership

  • Mike has made some progress contacting non-renewing 2015 members; he will continue to get feedback from pack leaders on new members.
  • Mike to talk to Stan about aligning the email list and the membership list.
  • David proposed that the Committee compile a list of goals for this year, referencing the planned review of membership, marketing, social media and the 2014 business plan.
  • Bice to inquire if WMC could be involved in future Tempo Fit programmes.

Social media

  • Wim to check out Meet Up and Neighbourly.

Track donation proposal

  • Mike to contact track building groups and the WCC regarding maintenance and construction of tracks within reasonable proximity to ASB (Miramar, Mt Vic, South Coast, Brooklyn) to ascertain how WMC might support planning and/or on-going needs and be assured of the use of any donated funds

Next meeting
16 May, Central Library meeting room (downstairs).

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