2016 October


Minutes of Management Committee Meeting
5.30pm – 7pm, Central Library, 19 October 2016


Mike Candy (Chair), Wim van Dijk, David McCrone, Tony Oakshatt, Lynda Young
Apologies – Judith Dennis, Bice Awan

Minutes of last meeting

Moved that the minutes of the 19 September meeting be accepted as a true and accurate record – Tony/Wim, carried.


Nomination received for Harry McDonald trophy.
Acceptance of proposal from WMTBC proposal sent.

Matters arising, not elsewhere on the agenda

  • Deferred to November: Judith will check on with Green prescriptions with Sport Wellington, it seems we might be able to register as an approved programme provider for walkers
  • Judith will email article on building a club/voluntary organisation.
  • Mike will look into some WMC signage on the Clinical Track
  • Mike will contact Shoe Clinic about the sponsorship/donation; alert members through the weekly notices and to mention WMC with SC purchases.

Finance and membership

  • The monthly financial report had been circulated, thanks David.
  • In broad terms WMC’s income and routine expenditure are in balance.

Moved that the payments listed in the financial report be approved, David/Mike, carried.

  • Mike’s report on WMC’s long term financial position was discussed, being based on assumptions about donations, interest rates and membership. It was agreed to edit the forecast and to present it to the AGM for members’ responses. Major donations are decided at the AGM.
  • Auditing and reviewing of the financial statements were discussed favouring a review which gives transparency without the greater expense of an audit. The AGM votes on having an audit, or not, and the Committee can still decide to get a review if the AGM doesn’t request one.
  • It was agreed that the banks’ report on account balances would be filed with each monthly financial report.

Admin, Website

  • Changes in place, thanks Stan.

Calendar, events

  • 23 October will be a fun event/BBQ will be held at Otari.
  • AGM 11 December:
  • Lynda will work on sequence of events for AGM;
  • David will have accounts ready;
  • Mike will see to the trophies;
  • Wim (and Jillian?) will set the turkey trot course and mapping;
  • Tony and Sue Hamlett will manage the event;
  • Mike to chase up pack leaders reports;
  • November meeting: gifts for pack leaders, Stan and Jillian; notice of motion for 2017 subs; 2017 committee to be discussed.

Social media

  • Going well, nothing to report.

Other business

  • Nothing to report.

Next meetings

  • 21 November, 5.30 to 7.30 pm, apologies from Tony.
  • 11 December, AGM.

Some ideas to hold on to:

  • Person fronting the Sunday welcome will ensure that newcomers get a WMC card and encourage them to stay in touch; Tony will get emails, when possible, and encourage pack leaders to contact new people; to be reviewed.
  • WMC uniforms were discussed, with arguments for and against the issue. Judith will canvas interest through the weekly notices and may take this to the AGM.
  • Wim’s VUW/Massey idea is still in the proverbial pipeline.

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