Core Workouts for Runners

A strong core can lessen our vulnerability to injuries – especially knee and back injuries. A strong core contributes to stable alignment so that we don’t end up inadvertently over-using some muscles/joints/tendons.

This workout shows some very important strengthening exercises for runners: the plank, Romanian deadlift, the bridge, lunges and step downs. Here are the details:

Do walkers need to do these workouts as well? Casual walkers won’t be putting the same stresses on their bodies. However, the benefits of a strong core go beyond sport and exercise. A strong core helps with everyday movements, and with balance.

This is especially true as we get older. The usual caveats apply! For us older members, we need to start with care, and definitely STOP with any onset of pain. If we treat ourselves gently and progress gradually into the exercises, they are safe.

Runners returning from injury will benefit from core strengthening, but be guided by your health professional, fitness instructor – and your own body – before beginning this strengthening plan.

Go well….

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