Hill Running Training Tips

Here are some exercises that will strengthen all the right muscles so that running Wellington’s hills will be a breeze: http://www.runnersworldonline.com.au/hillprep/ Caution: be careful with the deadlift – try to keep your back straight, with the bend coming from the waist, and at the knees.

Some more tips on hill work: http://www.runnersworldonline.com.au/hill-running-with-no-hills/

If you’re like me, and you belong to the gym, (and you are rapidly aging!) you might just find yourself using the treadmill more often in this wintry weather. Here are some workouts to get in some hill practice: http://www.runnersworldonline.com.au/3-treadmill-hill-workouts/ You might have seen this on Facebook recently! 

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