2017 AGM

Wellington Marathon Clinic Inc.

Minutes of the 37th Annual General Meeting held at the ASB Sports Centre, Wellington on 3 December 2017, 10:00am

1.  Welcome
The President, Mike Candy, welcomed members to the meeting; the attendance sheet is attached to the minutes.

Attendance and apologies
51 members attended the meeting; apologies were received from Toni Finkle, John Palmer, Maryanne Palmer, Bill Frecklington, Christine Key, Dennis Key, Ana Tyler, Sean Bardsley.

2.   Minutes of the 2016 AGM
The 2016 minutes had been circulated by email and were taken as read.
Resolution: That the minutes of the 2016 AGM be accepted as an accurate record.
Moved Mike Candy, seconded Tony Oakshatt, carried.

Matters arising from the 2016 AGM:

  • The Committee had discussed developing a financial strategy and decided that decisions on significant unbudgeted items should be made by each AGM.
  • Two meetings were held during the past year with pack leaders to discuss engaging newcomers.
  • Mike followed up with the Shoe Clinic and the arranged commission has been received, with thanks.
  • The monthly accounts have not been filed on the website, nor has there been any request for them, but the monthly minutes are on the website and they contain financial information.

3.   Reports from the President, the Treasurer, the auditor and pack leaders.
These reports had been circulated by email and were taken as read.

3a   Mike Candy commented on his report, noting that

  • A greater effort has been made to attract and retain new members.
  • Wellington Free Ambulance gave us an interesting demonstration of how they had used the donation we made from the 2016 AGM.
  • Thanks to the Committee for their work and also to Jillian, Stan and Gordie who are very active in their support of the Clinic.
  • A special thanks to Tony Oakshatt who has been a hardworking Committee member for many years.
  • Thanks to the pack leaders for their work in supporting runners and walkers.

3b    David McCrone presented the Treasurer’s report; key points were

  • The Clinic now has 107 members.
  • The Clinic’s net assets were $272,445 at 30 September 2017.
  • A deficit of $8,324 was recorded.
  • Income from interest had increased as a result of the investment of the proceeds of the sale of the marathon event.
  • Fundraising netted $1540. Thanks to those who participated.
  • The Committee is continuing its monthly checks on income, expenditure and bank balances.
    Resolution:  That the financial statements to 30 September 2017 be accepted.
    Moved David McCrone, seconded Jillian Preston, carried.
  • A vote of thanks was made to David for his work as Treasurer.
  • It was agreed by the meeting that neither an audit nor a review of the accounts would be sought in the 2017/18 year.

3c   Pack reports were received with thanks for the work of the pack leaders and their helpers.

4.   Subscriptions for 2018
The Committee recommended that the members’ subscriptions remain at $50, reduced to $35 for beneficiaries, students and those aged under 19, with any discounts to be at the Committee’s discretion.
Resolution: That members’ subscriptions for 2018 be set at $50, reduced to $35 for beneficiaries, students and those aged under 19.
Moved Roland Idaczyk, seconded Robert Tredger, carried.

5.   Election of officers and committee members
Nominations had been received for President Mike Candy; Vice President Wim Van Dijk; Treasurer David McCrone; Secretary Lynda Young; Committee member Judith Dennis.
Persephone Georgiakakis and Nazir Awan offered to join the Committee and with no further nominations all nominees were elected by acclamation.

6.   Cups and awards
The Harry McDonald Cup was presented to Janet and Bruce Campbell in recognition of their outstanding leadership by active example and their support for Clinic members.
The Walking Group’s Cup was presented to Tony Oakshatt in recognition of his outstanding example as a WMC walker, previously a runner, for many years and for his support of other walkers.7

7.   General business

  • Special mention was made of the late Betty Meyers and the late Bill Childs, long standing WMC members who passed away during the last year. The late Andrew McNeil was also acknowledged, noting the recent memorial gathering held for him on Mt Kaukau.
  • Thanks to Stan, Wim and Jillian who are editing the newly formatted monthly newsletter, also to Stan for all his work with the website. Members are encouraged to assist the editors by sending in material for the newsletter.
  • Sue Hamlett’s remit was withdrawn as it was not received 21 days before the date of the AGM, as required by rule 5.2.(e) of the Clinic’s constitution. It was agreed that the remit could be taken to an SGM in 2018.
  • It was agreed that the Committee will propose a policy on donations, in keeping with the Clinic’s aims and objectives.
  • The venue for Sunday meetings was discussed, both within the ASB Stadium and at other locations that are more central and better served by public transport.
  • Best wishes to Audrey for her Hawaii marathon walking event.
  • All members are encouraged to bring new members to the Clinic, growth is everyone’s concern.

8.    Turkey Trot
Liya Liyanage was the winner and Shirley Hampton was the second place winner. Thanks to Mike for setting the course and to Tony and Sue who led the timekeeping.

9.   Thanks
Gifts were given to pack leaders for all their help with Clinic activities, to Stan and Jillian for helping out in many roles.
Thanks to Meghan for her Sunday assistant work, this is a big help to everyone.

The meeting closed 11:00am with thanks to everyone for attending.


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