Newsletter June 2018

Welcome to the June newsletter. This is my first go at putting this together, but hopefully it will be error free!

Gazley Wellington Marathon
The next event in our busy year is the Gazley Wellington Marathon (and half, 10km and kids’ mile), which is on Sunday 1 July. Details here: I know we have a number of runners participating. (I don’t know of any walkers?) It’s been tough training in the weather served up for us this winter – so good luck to all participants. (I’m cheating and attempting the Gold Coast Marathon the same day – much warmer… but I’ve still had to train in Wellington winter!)

Kapiti Bus Trip
Our last bus trip was up to Kapiti for the In the Footsteps of the Marines at the end of May. Nazir reports:

We left in miserable weather to arrive on the Kapiti Coast to clear skies.

This year no one did The Footsteps of the Marines run. However there was still variety in activities -three did a long run along the new track beside the motorway and were very impressed by it; walkers started at each end of Queen Elizabeth Park and a lone runner went around the park.

This was the first time with the new bus arrangements – NZ bus – which went very well and made very comfortable with a very cheery driver.

We certainly could have accommodated more Club members and friends and hope that this will be the case for the next bus run which will be on the website.

(Editor’s note – that’s 22 July, to Catchpool, Rimutaka Forest Park.)

A word about Pack Safety
Just a reminder to stay together! If you leave your pack (yes, sometimes there are good reasons for that!) make sure your pack leader knows! It is particularly important when we’re away from home (e.g. bus trips) that the group leader has a mobile phone with contact details for at least the committee member organising the run – he/she will have the contact details for the bus driver. Be safe!

Wim reports on our recent Movie Night:
Movie Night – June 16th
Around 30 members came along to watch some old documentaries and a movie. Two of the documentaries were about the big 1970 Tokyo Expo – they are remarkable pieces of work, and we were lucky enough to have their main creative force, Hugh MacDonald in the cinema. For those that missed the evening, you can get a DVD of those docos from the National Film Archives – or from Time cinema itself.

Am I finally allowed to say what the movie was – “Captains Courageous”, featuring Spencer Tracy, some excellent nautical scenes (old sailing ships are so cool) and a particularly irritating brat.

Gordie was an impeccable MC (master of Cinema?), providing entertaining and insightful commentary before and after (but not during) the show. Thanks so much Gordie – let’s do it again!

Member Profile
Check out our member profile, vice president –Wim van Dijk

WMC Dinner
As advised earlier, your committee is organising a dinner for 4 August. The booking form is now available on this website, and all the details are here! Should be a great night!

An Excellent Workshop!
I was lucky enough to attend a workshop for Exercise Professionals this week – and heard a fascinating presentation (by John Polley) on 3-dimensional movement. I can’t do justice to the science in this short paragraph, but, in summary, if we treat exercise as ‘play’, there are huge advantages… think crawling in the sand, taking part in tug-of-war – anything that gets us doing more than up/down, side/side. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved cognitive ability
  • Exercising at a ‘relaxed intensity’ – instead of performance anxiety!
  • Better hormonal responses to exercise
  • Uses more tissues, strengthening muscles and joints
  • Improves hydration – water is transported more widely through the body
  • Improvements to Range of Motion, elasticity in muscles.

If we can exercise in a ‘flow state’ – a bit like mindfulness! – we see improvements in our focus, positivity, learning, performance, coping, and creativity!

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