President’s report September 2018

 Kia ora walkers and runners. Spring approaches with the promise of better weather, but just never quite seems to deliver. As I sit in my study and listen to the rain pelt down outside I reflect on just how nasty the winter seems to have been after such a wonderful summer. Well done to everyone who kept going through rain, hail and shine.

This evening we held another Committee meeting to ensure that the clinic continues to operate smoothly – each month there is a stream of tasks that need to be attended to to keep the Clinic operating, from keeping the calendar up to date to organising the bus for away trips to paying the bills for the Sunday rooms to making sure we have enough tea, coffee, biscuits and raro on a Sunday.

Thanks to Wim and Nazir for last weekend’s away run up Colonial Knob – a good time was had by almost all. Make sure you look us up on facebook and tag us so all your friends know who we are and what we get up to.

At this time of year we turn our minds to the year end and begin preparations for the AGM amongst other things. This year we propose to bring guidelines for donations to the Clinic members for discussion and voting. This has been a hot topic in years past, and the Committee feels we need to have a discussion and arrive at a better understanding of how we might make donations in the future. We will be publishing a timeline shortly with all of the required deadlines leading up to the AGM. The AGM is set for December 16th.

The annual drive for trophy and service awards will also begin shortly – again we will revamp our trophies to better reflect our participation this year. Watch this space…

Planning is also underway for 40th anniversary celebrations for the WMC – Linda is working on the archiving project to ensure our memorabilia is stored forever for posterity.

Good progress is being made on the organisation of the Andy McNeil Memorial Run – set for 28 October. Wim is planning for 50 to 100 runners to attend, and we have a great bunch of spot prizes thanks to Persephone’s hard work. We will need 9 marshals on the day and a bunch of people to assist with setup and take-down on the day, so please don’t hold back if you can assist. More details will be forthcoming on this. In the meantime, if anyone has a gazebo we could setup to shelter us from the sun on the day, please let a committee member know. And if you would like to donate a small item to go into a gift basket (one of the spot prizes), please drop it off on a Sunday soon.

We have resolved to move the next away run to November 18th – Remutaka Incline (I am advised the correct spelling is now in official usage). The previous date was too close to the Andy McNeil Memorial Run and we felt a pause between events was warranted.

Finally, 23 Clinic members returned a preference on the winter start time survey – a slightly disappointing 23% of our current membership. The telling statistics are that 74% of the respondents did not want a change – the remaining 26% were evenly split between an 8:30 or 9:00 start, or didn’t care. 48% of the respondents noted they had other tasks to complete in the rest of the day and liked to get the run out of the way early, 9% noted we rarely start on time anyway, 13% said they wouldn’t attend if it was later and 4% thought changing times in winter would be confusing. I guess there is no reason why a group could not start later from the ASB stadium if they chose in winter, while the rest of us met at the usual time.

That’s it from me this month, other than to wish all those members who have been training for their marathons and half marathons all the best for their events.

Ka kite ano


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