Tight Calf Posterior Compartment

To prepare you for the following two ‘Gait Guys’ videos, please review the following articles as references:

This is a prime example of how the structure and anatomy of the foot play their part is explaining how the foot arch can collapse and why we get symptoms like plantar fascia.

The posterior chain is a group of muscles on the back side of the body consisting of glutes, hamstring and calf.
In runners who have done a lot of mileage, its not uncommon for the posterior chain to become tight.
The anterior compartment is weak by comparison.

You will find the importance of the foot tripod (the lateral 5th metatarsel head, the medial 1st metatarsel head, and the heel) for foot stability.
You will find the need for the tibia and fibula to rock over the planted foot, moving through a 110 degree angle during the power phase (push off) of stride.
And how tightness in the posterior chain can cause the arch to collapse.

Here is part one of “The Gait Guys” video.
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And continue on to part 2.

I hope you learnt something from Sean Allen of the “The Gait Guys”.

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