Member Profile – Robert Tredger

What do you do when you are not walking?
gardening … and more walking

What started you walking?
A young lady I happened upon asked me “who you you walk with?” and recommended WMC.
Then I wanted to race, so I trained and did quite well. I have kept going since.

Who has influenced your walking the most?
A member at the clinic,John Palmer, helped train me

Why do you walk long distances, and why with the clinic?
I just enjoy doing it. Walking was something I could do after a serious accident.
I like the WMC people and can help new members.

What other sports interests do I have?
I watch quite a lot of sport, especially the amateur stuff. If I had to pick, I’d say gymnastics and fencing.

Most memorable track
No idea. My sense of direction is atrocious.

Favourite event
Wellington Marathon 2008. Bitterly cold, southerly gales and showers, some with hail.
I had to really work in that one.

The dinner party question: you have 3 dream guests, money is no object, so where do you go?
A good restaurant somewhere by the sea. If you want to know, I’d invite my wife & Winston Churchill

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