February 2020

Minutes for Management Committee
Held at the ASB Centre, Kilbirnie, 7:00pm, 17 February 2020
All members were present and two apologies were recorded.


  • Brooklyn Trail Builders (BTB) – first draft received. No costs available at present
  • Hutt Valley Runners – their away dates don’t work for us. Keep up the good relationship by meeting in Wellington and Hutt this year
  • NZ Post – post office box rental price increase by $10 from 31 March 2020 to $195 a year
  • Stan Wing – web hosting. Accept Stan’s proposal to stay with Dreamboat for the WMC site. Two year deal, US$214. Stan to pay, Clinic will reimburse Stan.
  • Posters received for Porirua Grand Traverse
  • BNZ dongles arrived for Julie Huo and David McCrone.

Minutes of last meeting

  • Charities Commission reminder about 2019 report, due 31 March 2020 (financial year end). JD to assist JH to complete form.
  • Fem’s Corrective Classes – ASB
  • JD to continue to liaise with Fem regarding start date at ASB and potential blurb for newsletter.
  • Decision to be made in June if these classes are worthwhile.
  • LM, JD moved Minutes of January 2020 meeting were accepted as a true and accurate record.


  • David McCrone (DC)
  • DC proposal of assisting with secretarial work through read-only access to BNZ accounts has been gratefully accepted.
  • One of DC responsibilities will be to check membership spreadsheet for names correctly spelt and correct emails.
  • DC assisting the Committee until April.
  • Debit card from BNZ – no progress made. WvD to look into this.
    Access for JH – Sally Anderson to liaise with JH to set up her access. WvD?
  • JH to provide a proposal to WMC Committee for an accounting software package to provide financial information.
  • JH proposed the WMC Committee Monthly Report end on the last day of the previous month. WvD accepted.
  • WvD moved accepting 1 October 2019 – 13 January 2020 accounts. LM accepted.
  • Term deposit maturing at the end of 2020.
  • Rapid Saver – aim to keep $5000.00 to cover expenses.
  • Proposed budget needs to be agreed to by the entire Committee. Link sent in February agenda or saved in Google drive, monthly meetings, financial report.
    Action: confirm February report in March meeting.
  • BNZ authorisers status: ?
    Refund Stefan $20 and Sean $10 – incorrect payments of membership subs. JD


  • Kaitoke Bus Trip – Sunday 23 February 2020
  • Bus booked for 30
  • Cost of bus $420.00 inc GST
  • SB to change date of proposed bus trip on 10 May, as this date is unsuitable.
  • SB to work on future bus trips and alternates. Report back to Committee in due course.
  • Open Day – Sunday 29 March 2020
  • Amazing Race theme – WvD, SB organising
  • WvD – put it on Facebook
  • JD – advertise in Neighbourly
  • Refreshments required – decide who and what at next meeting.


  • Membership subs – Incorrect details on website. Have been amended.
  • Google Drive
  • WvD password changing yearly
  • Contact Email Address
  • MC will reply to emails received from the contact email address directly from the contact email address. Blind copy other Committee members so they are aware you’ve replied.
  • Members continuing to receive emails from the contact email address are: WvD, JD, MC, JH, PG.
  • Stan Wing will remove GC, LM, SB from receiving emails from contact email address. WvD to notify Stan.

Strategic Plan

  • Business Sustainability Plan
  • Sub-committee: LM, BA, WvD
  • WvD will advise when they will meet.

Newsletter Content

  • February:
  • Susan Clare article, walkers article, President blurb, photos from bus trip. Waiting on article from Audrey Childs. PG to contact Audrey.
  • PG aiming to complete newsletter by 24 Feb, Stan to load on website.

Any Other Business

  • New Sunday Assistant
  • Andreas Georgiakakis
  • Fixed term from 1 March – 13 December 2020
  • Committee will decide what happens next year – advertise internally and seek applicants
  • What happens after 11am:
  • Leave stack of cups on the bench
  • Take members bag to reception
  • Sunday Assistant to join Whats app group and text the Committee when he’s leaving and that bags are at reception.

Next Meeting
Sunday 15 March 2020, 11:30am, ASB
Meeting Closed 8:35pm

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