June 2020

Minutes of Management Committee Meeting
ASB Stadium, Kilbirnie, 11.30am 21 June 2020

Wim van Dijk (scribe), Persephone Georgiakakis, Gordon Clarke, Liz Morrison, Julie Huo, Bruce Campbell, Mikey Clarke
Bice Awan, Sean Bardsley


  • Invoices: ASB rental for March; ISP 2 yearly bill.
  • Judith resignation
  • Authorising payments – Liz as backup authoriser

Minutes from previous meeting

  • Review and report on Actions
  • Review/approve minutes of the May 2020 meeting
  • Accepted (Persephone/Mikey)

Matters arising, not elsewhere on the agenda

  • Should we continue with contact tracing?
  • Fem’s sessions?
  • Pack leader for Roland’s group
  • Newsletter
  • Info responders
  • Next meeting and Secretary


  • Monthly Finance report – includes review of previous month.
  • Status of debit card

Calendar; Events

  • Sunday runs and walks in Level
  • Review calendar
  • Open Day
  • Club dinner
  • Movie night (TIME cinema not open yet)
  • Bus trips
  • Alternates eg ‘Rogaine’ from ASB
  • Andy McNeil 1 November

Strategic Plan


  • Promoting WMC
    3 or 4 x 30 second video clips on website and social media
  • Connecting with radio to put a community notice re attracting new members i.e. those who have started exercise during lockdown.
  • Publicise with following in the June newsletter:


  • Publicise with following in the June newsletter:
    • $20 sub for the rest of the year
    • Club Dinner in August with $20 subsidy for members
    • WMC plans to have a Movie night, more details after TIME cinema reopens
  • Open Day – 19th July
    • Pack runs
    • Morning tea (Persephone)
    • Promotion (Mikey)
    • Shoe Clinic vouchers? (Wim)
    • Projector & screen (Wim)
  • Continue with voluntary contact tracing form
  • Offer Fem $90 for a session in July
  • Club Dinner could be at Mediteranean Food Warehouse on the 22nd August
  • Focal points for slow run group: Lisa and Liz


  • Liz: 
  • Persephone: 
    • June Newsletter
    • July committee meeting
    • food for Open day 
    • help Julie organise Club Dinner in August
  • Wim: 
    • BNZ:
      • activate debit card with new PIN
      • arrange authorizing for Liz
    • let other clubs know about Andy McNeill event 1 Nov
    • communicate with Fem about July session
    • Open Day, 19th July
    • projector and screen
    • Shoe Clinic vouchers?
    • Progress 30s video clips for web site and social media
      • Sean camera.  Wim & Bruce find 3-4 subjects
      • Bruce: recommend a subject to talk about walking with WMC for a video clip
      • Julie: organise (with Persephone) Club Dinner probably for 22 August.  $20 /member subsidy.  We will need an estimate of overall costs.
      • Mikey: promotion of Open Day on 19 July
      • Gordon: get in touch with pack leaders to let them know you are the committee liaison 

The meeting closed at 12.30pm
Next meeting to be held:
Secretary for the meeting:

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