October 2020

Minutes of Management Committee Meeting
held at ASB Centre, 18 October 2020 at 7:30pm-9:00pm

Wim van Dijk (scribe), Sean Bardsley, Gordon Clarke, Bruce Campbell, Julie Huo, Bice Awan, Liz Morrison and Persephone Georgiakakis.
Apologies Mikey Clarke

Received (WvD)
Committee resignations from Bice and Persephone
Subscription “winner” Duncan Mathews (needs receipt)
Complimentary emails about AM2020 event from McNeill family and Wellington Cancer Society

Previous meeting
Review and report on Actions
Review/approve minutes of the October? 2020 meeting
Approved and accepted Bice/Liz.


Monthly Finance Report

Yearly summary presented

  • Lower expenditure than 2019
  • No donation has yet been made to BTB because that work was significantly affected by COVID-19 restrictions. Our commitment of $10,000 for track maintenance still stands and will be made in 2021.
  • October accounts presented. Approved and accepted Bice/Bruce.
  • The committee thanks Julie for her marvellous work in compiling these and other reports during the year.

IT / Website

WMC promotion video should be ready by the AGM – SB


Andy McNeill Memorial Run/Walk was held on Sunday 1 November, and
was a successful event.  
○ We want to encourage pre-registration and improve the registration software?
○ More promotion is needed
○ Should the event be free or perhaps a compulsory donation to the Cancer Society?
(Great track markings by Sean)

Pautahanui Bus Trip – Sunday 15 November
○ Fantastic course, cafe and weather.  Very popular.  
Well done to the organisers.

(2021 draft calendar)


Required for AGM:
President’s Report WvD
Finance Report (done) WvD
Pack Leaders Reports GC

Agenda WvD
○ Apologies: Bruce, Persephone
○ Turkey trot GC
○ 10:30 Food
○ 11:00 – 13:00 Meeting LM
○ Chair: Wim
○ Scribe: Bice
Motions: ?
Printouts of documents ~ 10-20 ? WvD
Catering: LM/PG
○ Purchasing for morning tea, Turkey trot and gifts WvD
○ 2019 shopping list
Equipment: WvD
○ Projector
○ microphone
Subs for 2021 proposed to be
○ $30 after 1 March
○ discount to $20 before and including 1 March

Strategic Plan

Strategic plan will be presented at the AGM

Matters arising not elsewhere on the agenda

Trophies GC

November Newsletter SB

Sunday Assistant in 2021. One application has been received. Let the person know and arrange handover with Andreas. WvD

Thoughts in 2020 and looking ahead to 2021

  • GC: Trophies are a mess. Gordy will sort this
  • SB: We can improve AM. Enjoyed it
  • LM: Coped with COVID ok. Plan B if another lockdown happens? Take over newsletter
  • PG: Keep on doing what we are doing.
  • JH: privilege to serve. Did well this year. Could we have a committee member just to deal with members?
  • BA: Great committee. Bice could mentor new members, follow up with non-attendees. Change dinner venue.
  • BC: Good year for the walkers. We should have another walker event. Would be good to get another walker on the committee
  • WvD: Did well in a tricky year. Committee has been great.

Next meeting

AGM 13 December, 11:00 – 1:00pm. Matairangi Room ASB Centre.

Ask Andreas to help with Turkey Trot & AGM WvD

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