April 2020 – Week 5

As New Zealand moved into Alert Level 3 this week it is encouraging that we are doing the right thing as a nation to stamp this pandemic right where it belongs.

For some, this hasn’t brought much change as we still need to stay in our household bubbles and stay home but for others, there are changes with some returning to their worksite, some children returning to school, and bubbles being able to slightly expand.

This month’s Committee meeting was held via a Zoom Video Conference, albeit a first in the history of the Clinic. It was great to see everyone as since the lockdown our communication has been by email or text messages. One of the items we discussed was how it would work when we go to Alert Level 2 and how we could meet as a group again? Although it is highly likely the ASB Centre will remain closed during Level 2, it will be possible to meet in the carpark and go out for our runs from there, of course practicing the required physical distancing (as is being demonstrated below).

Further information will be communicated with members as we await the Government’s instructions, but for now we’ll continue with the weekly newsletters as a way of keeping in touch until we can meet on Sunday mornings. 

Last week’s photo competition ‘Keep your distance’ is continuing for another week, so take any number of photos and send them to us at wellingtonmarathonclinic@gmail.com by noon Wednesday 6 May with the subject “Photo Competition”. Feel free to suggest a caption.  
Keep Safe,
Wellington Marathon Clinic Committee

Janet Campbell

Here is how Janet is feeling during the lockdown …
How are you feeling during this time?
We are feeling fine – being retired, life isn’t so much different for us, though Zoom meetings in no way compensate for seeing the family for real.

Who is in your bubble?
I am, of course, lucky to have a bubble buddy, and one whose fitness and activity levels match mine – well most of the time, anyway.

What have you been doing with all the spare time we have on hand?
Well, apart from mending old lace curtains, which I wrote about to the walking group, I have actually started doing a series of paintings using the figure drawing I have done over the last year or so, the idea of which has been sitting in my head for a while, not getting anywhere.
Here is an example of one.

Caryatids with Attitude

What does your fitness routine look like?
Well, like Jean, we don’t have a fitness routine as such – we just go out walking every day, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, as we have done every day for 40 years. Walking
locally of course! Does local go as far as the wind turbine? Possibly. Down Happy Valley Road to the sea? Sadly, possibly not. As someone who wrote to our tramping club newsletter pointed out, the government has sensibly not rigidly prescribed what is local, unlike the 2km rule in France, but left it to common sense. We are lucky in that we consider our ”local” to include Central Park, Polhill Gully Reserve, and Tawatawa Reserve.

Shirley Hampton

Here is how Shirley is feeling during the lockdown …
How are you feeling during this time?
Mixed feelings from liking the quiet on the streets, apart from birds in fig trees etc, convoluted feelings about my access to supermarkets, odd and at times quite unreal.

Who is in your bubble?
Just me in my bubble and no cat for a year or so. I work a few hours per week but that contact is now by phone. I can access Zoom meetings but can’t talk (phew you might say!) and they can’t see me. My daughter does send photos and videos of her toddler down south.
Have been in my street for 35 years so have a number of neighbours and I see them too when walking.

What have you been doing with all the spare time we have on hand?
Almost finished the tiny bit of putty and paint and started on the seed sorting. I have a tray with about 30 or more tiny containers of seed, all on the ironing board and underneath the
tray, seed collected a few years ago which just needs to be labelled and put away in the shoe box. We stayed at a wonderful old cottage in Glenorchy with so many plants in seed it was breathtaking. Also making bread until I ran out of yeast and Isla got some fresh yeast sent to me from Arobake. And then there is the jersey started maybe 20 years ago…!

What does your fitness routine look like?
I’m walking from home which means a hill either there or back, not every day but probably two to three times a week. I’ve been crook but when better I might dance (move around the room) to Fat Freddy’s Drop or Boney M. I do the early stages of Judith’s Keep Fit sessions which she’s done via Zoom and try to do the Tai Chi that I’ve been doing for years.

My Virtual Run – 26 April 2020

By Susan Clare
2020 was going to be my year of races. I love running but for me nothing quite beats the thrill of a race – the atmosphere, adrenaline and excitement of standing on the start and the
accomplishment of getting to the finish line (usually in one piece!)

I was in the middle of training for the Hawke’s Bay Marathon. Last year I felt I lost my running mojo so this year I decided to try and keep things interesting with my training being peppered with numerous events along the way. Then we hit Level 2, then 3 and 4. Hawke’s Bay, the Porirua Grand Traverse and all the other events I was training forgot pulled from
under my feet. I know it was the right thing for New Zealand but still disappointing on a personal level.

During lockdown, running has kept me sane. I usually swim every day but in the absence of that I have been running more than ever, usually by myself but sometimes with my son. My
household is a bit crazy with two children (one unfortunately had an accident just before lockdown and is currently in a wheelchair), home-schooling, working from home and home
baking and bread recipes taking over the kitchen.

When the offer to do a virtual race appeared in my inbox I procrastinated for a while. It seemed a bit of a con to pay for a run that I would essentially do on my own but nevertheless
decided to give it a try. The good thing is that you can choose your day to run, thus avoiding the wind and rain that Wellington often throws our way. The weather was beautiful this (Sunday) morning so I adorned my lucky socks and took off
for my virtual half-marathon. There were no crowds or supporters, just the serenity of Wellington on a good day and the impressive Autumnal sunrise willing me on. I got into the
rhythm and kept going for 21.1k. I certainly didn’t achieve a PB but not a BW either. Would I do it again? Virtual racing isn’t a substitute for the real thing but in the absence of any events
taking place soon, I wouldn’t rule it out! And with 1237 calories burned I can definitely treat myself to some of that home baking!

For the Love of Food – Women’s Running

Discover all the satisfying reasons to love your food
There are so many reasons to give food its proper praise. It is, of course, fuel for our bodies, but also so much more. What we choose to consume helps our bodies recover from the
activities we indulge in and build the basis for an immune system to keep us healthy. But let’s not forget the less tangible benefits of cooking as a way to express creativity or show
love and appreciation. We hope these recipes and musings can help illuminate the things in your life deserving of appreciation. 
Here’s the link https://www.womensrunning.com/category/food/

The Running Channel

For an ultimate list of running documentaries click on the link to view.

Editor’s note: we would love to hear how you are doing during these unprecedented times,
or even if you wish to share a recipe or fitness workout that you’ve enjoyed, please email
contributions to wellingtonmarathonclinic@gmail.com so they can be included in the
Kia kaha – stay strong!

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