January 2021


Minutes of Management Committee Meeting held at the ASB Centre
10 January 2021, 1.00-2.30

Wim van Dijk (chair), Sean Bardsley, Nigel Raymond, Liz Morrison (minutes), Tasi Takuira-Mita, Mikey Clarke, Gordon Clarke, Julie Huo (by phone)

Judy Hedwig, Bruce Campbell

Minutes of last meeting
The minutes of the November 2020 meeting were accepted and approved
Liz/ Sean

WMC committee

Official roles for 2021:

President- Wim
VP – Sean
Treasurer- Julie
Secretary- Liz

Other roles

  • Room bookings and ASB liaison – Julie
  • Bus trip coordination, bus company liaison, media – Sean
  • Turkey Trot, Cups and trophies, movie night, pack leaders, deputise for Wim – Gordy
  • Website and bus trip organisation – Wim
  • Social media, Instagram posts, technical support, check out other running clubs – Mikey
  • Strategic plan implementation, help with events as needed – Nigel
  • Finance, help with events, strategic plan – Tasi
  • Purchasing for events at ASB, collating newsletter – Liz
  • Sunday assistant-paid position – Caitlin McCabe


  • Brooklyn Trail Builders- will invoice WMC for $10,000 (donation) directly, probably in 1st quarter 2021 – Julie
  • Charities report reminder- due late February, early March


  • Monthly Finance report was accepted and approved Wim/Liz
  • Term deposits: some are ending, need to explore new options
  • We pay bills on 5th and 20th of month
  • Debit card – authorisation who? Julie

IT / Website

  • Promoting WMC:
  • Video made by Sean for website and social media.
  • What do we want this to achieve?
  • More new members in following 3 months
  • Number of views
  • Ask people who has seen it
  • How and when to release the clip?
  • Ask Liz W to advise on release strategy
  • Multiple platforms including club website
  • Timing?
  • Strategy document accepted at AGM 2020
  • Suggestions for next steps/implementation for Feb meeting


AGM to start earlier at 10.30

31 January- Wilton Bush barbeque
Shopping: bread, ketchup, onions, paper towels, vegetarian sausages(?)(tba)
Wim has meat sausages
Utensils (Wim)
Cook (Wim)
Cancel room ASB booking

28 February- Bus trip (to be confirmed)

28 March- Open Day

  • What do we want to achieve and why?
  • How to measure success/
  • How to do it?
  • Planning at Feb meeting

Matters arising, not elsewhere on the agenda

  • Newsletter – President writes message each month – Wim
  • Ask Persephone if she would still like to contribute to newsletter –Wim
  • Corrective Exercises (Fem) – to discontinue – Wim

Next meeting
Sunday February 14, 11.30-12.30

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