October 2021 Newsletter

ASB Centre Meeting Room

We’ve cancelled our booking for the meeting room during Covid level 2, and will continue to meet in the car park during level 2.

Sorry, but we can’t provide bag minding, child care or refreshments at this time. We’re not fans of this either, but ’tis what ’tis. Sorry!

AGM and Turkey Trot, 12 December

  • The AGM will be at 10.30 following the Turkey Trot and morning tea.
  • We’ll confirm the venue and format of the meeting when we send out the Agenda and reports.  We’re hoping to have it in person, but it’s possible it may be held by Zoom.
  • We urgently need volunteers for the committee as several of the committee are moving on. Let us know if you’re interested in joining us – we’d love to have you on board. 
  • The agenda and reports will be posted on the webpage in November.

Pack Leader Reports

Please send a brief report of your pack’s activities and any highlights to Gordy, Pack Leader coordinator, by 15 November.

Yoga/stretch sessions

We’ve had to postpone the trial of these sessions until the beginning of next year due to Covid alert level restrictions.

Movie night and dinner

We’re looking into options for holding this, but it may have to wait until we move out of Covid level 2.

Andy McNeill Memorial Run

This has had to be cancelled as a public event because of alert level 2 restrictions. Instead we’ll hold a club run and walk on October 31 and raise a donation for the Cancer Society.

Membership Subs

No membership subs increase for next year!

More fundamental changes to the Clinic (Mikey’s committee report)

The most recent Committee meeting hath proved darn fruitful. We had all kinds of chats about the future of the Clinic, and figured you’d find being kept abreast of our chats rather peachy. Here goes. You may recall that at our 2019 AGM, we had a vote on changing our Clinic’s name. I … ha, actually I honestly can’t remember which way I’d voted. But I recall the result: something like 60/40 to retain “Wellington Marathon Clinic” for the time being.

At the time I didn’t have strong feelings either way. But that has since changed! Why, you ask? Here’s for why. I’d since learned more about the (former!) Hutt Valley Marathon Clinic’s experiences. I say “former” because should you hop onto their website, https://www.hvmc.org.nz, you will discover the title splashed across their pages is “Hutt Valley Runners”.

The committee received input from a Hutt Valley Runners spokesperson about the effect this had on their club: turns out new membership tripled.

Tripled! That’s nuts! Turns out they, like us, had had a teeny-weeny bit of an image problem to potential newbies. These potential newbies could perhaps jog 5k alone without serious fitness or injury shenanigans kicking off, seek out a running club to join and spread the joy, encounter theirs and ours, read the title … and say “…wait, a MARATHON clinic? Holy cow, man. Marathons? Really? You must be marathon-fit to join? Sounds like it’s peopled by atomic supermen with laser glares capable of frying mortals like moi with mere wrinkle-nosed scorn. Not for me!”

Nooo! Marathon fitness is the finish line, not the start line! So yes. It’s a teensy bit misleading. The Hutt Valley Runners also reasoned likewise, took a calculated risk on a name change … and it paid heroic dividends. Newbies love ’em.

I would like to make serious noises from this day forth regarding the immaculate wisdom of following in their footsteps. Let’s do this too. I love it. I personally know about a dozen friends who’ve made similar cautious optimisms about joining A running club … but which? Marathon Clinic? Sounds elite! Sounds scary! I’m just a plain ol’ scum-of-the-earth bloke and/or bloke-ess like anyone else, not for me thanks.

But (for instance) The Wellington Runners? They sound fab, they sound groovy, they sound like my cup of tea, man, they sound like a happenin’ place. I’ll join them, or so declare these friends.

Let us as a club revisit this topic. I don’t know about you, but I’m surely won over. I think it’s a great idea. Part of me is sorely tempted to embrace a silly name like “The Agony Furnace”, (and that is in fact the label of my weekly Sunday run event used in my Google calendar), but would happily go with “The Wellington Runners”.

Any names you have particularly strong feelings for or against? Let us know. Email, leave a Facebook message, or comment on this post.

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