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This is just a wee note to say how delighted I am to see that the Wellington Marathon Clinic is still running marathons. I haven’t kept in touch for many years for one reason or another.

I’m one of the founder members. Along with founder member Sid Turnbull, I taught at Rongotai College (in the late 70s) the gymnasium of which was also the home base for WMC in the very early years.

Sid Turnbull, who was Head of Physical Education at Rongotai College, agitated to get a Clinic T-shirt and I came up with a design for a logo which tried to be a bit dynamic while holding onto the logo letters W M C. I was chuffed to see that it is still being used on T-shirts and on the WMC internet site too! I wish you all well to use it for at least another 45 years or so.

While I ran a lot of marathons in my younger years, i developed arthritis (in most joints! not just my hips) which slowly brought my running to a halt.

I wish the Clinic all the very best! Keep running!

Ken Allan

Hi Ken,

Well, well, well….
I’m the WMC webmaster (officially not on the WMC Committee).
I have always wondered who designed the WMC logo…
Years ago, I tweaked it a little, at least a version of it (not shown below) 
used a different font and different gradient to the letters,
on another version of the WMC website,
but by and large it still is the same design.
Because I could not think of a better design!!
This picture here may well be the original?

It has some subliminal messaging to it…
I don’t know whether you did that by design?
But to my eyes,
I see two opposing and interlocking arrows,
with the “C” for the Clinic being at the centre.
Meaning… “all roads lead to the Clinic”.
And of course, the Black and yellow are traditional Wellington colours,
reflected in the current website.

I would rate this logo  up with the logos for McDonalds, Shell, Apple and Nike.

Because it’s a classic!

So thanks for sharing, and all the best.
Kind regards,

Thanks Webmaster,
The WMC logo indeed has design built into it that was entirely deliberate.
I won’t bore you with a detailed analysis but the opposing arrows is certainly one part.
The symbolic arm, shoulder and torso symmetrically reflected in the top M is another and the C and W together depict the head and arms of a figure in the lotus position symbolic of a runner at ease.
There’s more, but that’ll do for now. The idea I had for the parallel lines was so that the logo could also be used in arm-band or head-band designs without detracting from its function as a WMC logo.

The original WMC T-shirts were white and if my memory serves me right, the logo was yellow delineated with black lines.

Catchya later,

Ken Allan

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