Otari-Wilton bush barbecue, 6(?) Feb: horrid weather forces postponement

Soooo we’ve been keeping tabs on https://www.metservice.com/towns-cities/locations/wellington/7-days and its Sunday forecast … and by all accounts, Sunday morning’s weather will be atrocious. Ferocious. Beyond apocalyptic. 

https://centerforsurfresearch.org/largest-wave-ever-recorded/ says the largest wave ever recorded was 524 metres high. Sunday’s storms will likely triple that. Karori will vanish beneath a monstrous maritime scouring brush.

This may produce less-than-tranquil conditions for Sunday’s barbecue.

But we’re hardy folk, aren’t we. We shan’t bow to Nature’s splashy tyranny. And you can’t deny barbecues are awesome. We’ll absolutely be back. We’ll reschedule, we’ll postpone.

I’ve been chatting with the rest of the committee re exactly which date – Nigel has suggested the 20th, which considering the Round-the-Bays run has been cancelled too, seems to me a solid date. We’ll get back to you all shortly re setting this in temporal concrete.

Sorry, everyone! I was looking forward to the 6th also. But that’s Wellington weather for you. See you all at the ASB Centre, then, for our regular 8am meetup.

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