Otari-Wilton bush barbecue, 6 Feb: Ghostbuster attacks implausible

Edit: I’m afraid we’d had to postpone! See https://wmc.org.nz/2022/weekly-report/otari-wilton-barbecue-6-feb-horrid-weather-forces-postponement.

Good news! We’re still on for Otari-Wilton on the 6th!

There has been consternation and kerfuffle-age, if you’ll forgive my jargon, re Red and our upcoming run-and-walk gatherings. Including our Otari-Wilton bush gathering on the 6th! This cannot stand. I’ve had a few people ask me, with genuine fear in their voices, if I think we’re going to be attacked by corrupt scientists in biohazard suits and Ghostbusters ray guns.

I hopped onto http://covid19.govt.nz/…/public-and-private-gatherings…/ to find out. Turns out probably not! Significant-sized gatherings are okay: 100 if we’re using vaccine passes, 25 if not.

We often go over 25 people with these affairs, don’t we, so vaccine passes seem incredibly useful. Incidentally, question for the class: if someone asks for your vaccine pass, how often would they scan it, or just glance at it? I honestly don’t think a full and formal scan happens more than … 8% of the time. At least for me. Looks like I’ll need to ask around on the day.

To cross the Ts and dot the Js, I have also hopped onto https://qrform.tracing.covid19.govt.nz/ and applied for and yoinked one of those square TV-static QR code doohickeys. It will be available at the event.

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