Farewell Wellington Marathon Clinic

At the 2021 AGM, the club unanimously decided to rename the club name from “Wellington Marathon Clinc” to “Wellington Runners and Walkers”.

Never have I attended an AGM where the outcomes for the club has been so decisive! In under ten minutes, the club realised, with dwindling membership, the old club name may well be putting off prospective members, and the new club name was proposed.

The focus of the club has changed. Our walkers outnumber our runners. While we still emphasize long, slow running, there are fewer members running or walking marathon events.

I want to acknowledge the long history of the Wellington Marathon Clinic. Born from a group of like minded people at Rongatai College in the late 70s, to get fit, and train for marathons. People came from Wellington and the Hutt Valleys to come run at the club. The club became so large, “Hutt Valley Runners” (Do you see the trends?).

I want to acknowledge the long list of members, former members, past presidents and pack leaders of the club. You have all contributed selflessly in making this club tick.

As time moves on, we all get slower. I have always enjoyed running and conversing with like-minded people, on a Sunday morning, in one of the best cities in the world for running.

Our logo, to my mind, is a work of art. So simply, yet multi faceted in its meaning and visual impact. This will continue to be used for “Wellington Runners and Walkers”.

I want to invite you to visit our new website for “Wellington Runners and Walkers” at http://wellyrunwalk.org.nz

So really, it’s not a farewell…. more a Welcome, and come join us.

In the coming months the WMC website well be decomissioned. Please visit http://wellyrunwalk.org.nz instead.

WMC Webmaster.

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