We’ve changed our name! “Wellington Runners and Walkers”. And our website! Do check out wellyrunwalk.org.nz. It is a continuation of all that is wholesome and fab. Same with our Facebook group.

Why the change? It’s to match our club’s name-change to “Wellington Runners and Walkers.” Turns out that 27 million fitness enthusiasts and potential newbies had yearned to join a lovely running/walking club, any club; encountered one calling itself a “Marathon Clinic” … and, not unreasonably, thought: “Oh no! Marathon? It’s for marathoners? Must be some kind of hyper-elite club, a beginner like me can’t join!”

Our mistake. “Marathon” was always intended to be an end goal, not a starting point. If you can circumnavigate a city block without stopping, you’re fit enough to join. If you like, you can then increase your fitness, make your way up through the running packs, and become fit enough to complete a full-sized 42km marathon. Your call. Take it from me, it’s a ton of fun.

However … tons of chatting revealed that no, these newbies thought and felt otherwise. And fair enough.

We are now the Wellington Runners and Walkers! Wish to simply walk/jog/chat for a tad, and enjoy a delightful Sunday constitutional with new friends? Look no further. Thirst for a hideous aerobic apocalypse of blood and guts and exhaustion and shattered thighs? Look no further: my pack and I ran strava.com/activities/7672193033 only this morning. Something in between, perhaps? Look no further: our different walking/running groups offer something for everyone.

TL;DR: New name, new website: Wellington Runners and Walkers <3

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