Otari-Wilton bush barbecue, 6(?) Feb: horrid weather forces postponement

Soooo we’ve been keeping tabs on https://www.metservice.com/towns-cities/locations/wellington/7-days and its Sunday forecast … and by all accounts, Sunday morning’s weather will be atrocious. Ferocious. Beyond apocalyptic.  https://centerforsurfresearch.org/largest-wave-ever-recorded/ says the largest wave ever recorded was 524 metres high. Sunday’s storms will likely triple … Continue reading

Otari-Wilton bush barbecue, 6 Feb: Ghostbuster attacks implausible

Edit: I’m afraid we’d had to postpone! See https://wmc.org.nz/2022/weekly-report/otari-wilton-barbecue-6-feb-horrid-weather-forces-postponement. Good news! We’re still on for Otari-Wilton on the 6th! There has been consternation and kerfuffle-age, if you’ll forgive my jargon, re Red and our upcoming run-and-walk gatherings. Including our Otari-Wilton … Continue reading