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A Big Adventure

Congratulation Angelia Beamsley, on being first female to finish the solo 67 km around Lake Taupo in February!


That seems like a really long way, what did you think about during those 9 hours?  I was very focused on my steps so I didn’t trip.

How many weeks were you preparing for it? 7 weeks with 1 tapering

Have you fully recovered yet?  Yes

How long did that recovery take?  More than 2 weeks.

What were the biggest surprises during the event?

I had to adapt to:

  1. Being ahead of schedule and missing a rendezvous with my support team
  2. running short of food for one 10km section
  3. With 12 km to go my camelback started chafing, so I had to figure out how to rehydrate during that stretch without using it.

Was it different in nature from a normal marathon?  Of course, longer and slower.

Do you have a favourite tip for anyone else interested in doing an ultra?  Do research of course but make it your own, so it works for you.

Thanks for talking to us, and all the best with your next adventure, which is ...  An off-road 50km ultra in Feb 2020

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