Sunday Club Runs

We meet every Sunday morning 8am, at the ASB Sports Centre, 72 Kemp St, Kilbirnie. The club rooms are straight up the stairs from the front sliding doors in the conference room at the top of the stairs. Come join us. Newcomers have the first month of visits free.

I want to outline a bit about how the club works for those who are new members – and all those long serving members whose memories are now failing them!

Primarily the clubs aim is to provide an opportunity to take part in long runs and walks and build a base of fitness in a supportive and social manner. We have a variety of packs that run or walk at different paces. The best rule of thumb is that you should still be able to talk while running or walking. If in any doubt select a slower pack and move up over time.

Pack leaders are multi talented people, they will set a course suitable for their packs needs, shepherd pack members along at the right pace, all the while telling jokes, giving a historical run down on all landmarks passed and leading philosophical debates on the meaning of life. They do their best to look after everyone, but ultimately, all members must be responsible for themselves.

What pack leaders are not expected to do is throw themselves between errant runners and fast moving vehicles (and they’re usually too slight to make much difference anyway). Please obey the usual road rules, and show courtesy to other users of the pathways. Let the pack leader know if you are leaving the pack during the run.

Be considerate of the packs: select the one best suited to your abilities, remembering this can vary from day to day.  The advantage of the Clinic format is you can move up or down a group easily – and it is a chance to meet another group of great people!

Are you a rank beginner? You haven’t run since the High School Cross Country (which is enough to put anyone off), or you can go for the occasional 20 minute run around the block but want to do better. If so, you can either-

Join one of our walking groups to get fitter and then move to the

Beginners Running Group
This runs (and walks up hills) at 7+ min/k – you can keep up with a fast walk. The pack leader is Roland, and experienced runner of many marathons. He will take you out for 60 – 90 minutes and can also give you heaps of advice on training and correct diet and running gear. Once you get used to the longer distance, you can move up to the 6:00-6:30 min/k group taken by Bill.