WMC Dog Policy


The WMC is a social and fun running and walking group. It is recognised that part of the Sunday enjoyment is taking your dog with you – to incorporate its exercise with yours!

In order that we can ensure this enjoyment for all – both two legged and four legged – it is important that a dog policy for WMC is established.

The policy is in three parts – Walking, Running and Bus Trips


Walking groups may include dogs.  However, it is important that any potential dog walker checks with their walking group prior to bringing a dog, to ensure that they are all comfortable with dogs in their group.  Some people are not comfortable with dogs in their personal space.

Should your walking group be happy to incorporate dogs they must be leashed.


When running with a group, dogs will not be permitted.

Should you be running as a WMC member on your own with your dog, then that is different but your dog should be leashed in accordance with the health and safety policy below.

Bus Trips

Dogs will not be permitted on any bus booked for WMC trips.  In the event that a member wants to bring their dog on their walk at the trip destination (if that is permitted by DOC etc) the member will have to make their own transport arrangements to bring their dog. The leashed policy will still apply.

Health and Safety Considerations

The reason for ‘leashed dogs’ is that the WMC is responsible for health and safety matters of the Clinic and its members through its Committee. In the unlikely event that an incident occurs to a member of the public with an unleashed dog, WMC could be found to be delinquent from a health and safety perspective by not having a policy for its members on leashing of dogs.